Halo update brings Big Team Battle, playlist updates and more

Halo 5: Guardians

Guardians of the Halo franchise, 343 Industries, have released more information about the first Halo 5: Guardians update, due to drop any day now.

Alongside the introduction of Big Team Battle (as we revealed last weekend) 343i are making changes to some of the playlists to improve the overall flow and feel of multiplayer. Hot on the heels of last weekend’s introduction of a new Doubles playlist, some gameplay tweaks are coming to SWAT in the form of a slightly increased respawn timer, and the removal of friendly fire.

Battle Rifle

We mentioned that the update – named “Battle of Shadow and Light” – introduces four new maps upon which the returning Big Team Battle matched will be fought. Each of these maps has been built in the map-editor, Forge (which will be available for all in December), and was created by a member of the Forge community (before being polished by 343i). Halowaypoint.com has allowed each of the community creators to introduce their maps and these are a worthwhile read for anyone interested in the map-making process, or looking to get the inside track on those sniping sightlines!

For the map introductions, more details about the incoming Req packs, and details of some tweaks to Warzone Assault to help players level faster, head on over to Halowaypoint.com.

See you in the Warzone, Spartans!

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