Destiny’s New Quest – A Tale of Two Guardians

Well here we are fellow Guardians with another exciting piece of news related to the wonderful world of Destiny.

It appears to many that a new quest line has been made available to view online recently, although it is not yet possible to start within Destiny itself.

“What does this new quest involve?” I hear you ask, well let’s dive straight into the thick of it right now. It seems that this quest isn’t for the loner guardians among you as it mentions a Linked Friend repeatedly.

The steps (and more importantly their specific reward) that are known at this present time are shown below:

  • Comrades in Arms – Complete a Story mission with a Linked Friend.
  • Wanderers – Complete patrols with a Linked Friend – Rewards: Primary Telemetry, Special Telemetry, Heavy Telemetry.
  • Forged in Fire – Win a Crucible match with a Linked Friend.
  • Our Own Story – Reach Level 40 and then return to the Tower to talk with the Speaker. – Reward: Legendary Weapon
  • Pushing Back the Darkness – Complete the Daily Heroic Story mission with a Linked Friend. – Reward: High Five emote
  • Heroic Challenges – Complete a Heroic Strike with a Linked Friend. – Reward: Duo Dance.
  • Lighting the Night – Complete the Weekly Nightfall Strike with a Linked Friend.
  • More Tales to Tell – Talk to the Speaker in the Tower.

That’s right Guardians, a legendary weapon and not one but TWO new emotes from a single quest line that on the surface appears relatively straight forward for experienced Guardians, although personally I’m not relishing the thought of that nightfall strike if it has to be done with only two Guardians.

Titan and Warlock

So make sure you get yourself ready and tell your closest Guardian friend to be prepared, whether they be a Bub-bro with a bad taste in emotes, a self reviving Warlock that’s saved a mission on more than one occasion or a hunter you cherish dearly but you wish was just a bit more like Cayde-6.

Let us know how you feel about this quest line and as always don’t forget to keep up with us by joining the Facebook group, liking the Facebook page and following us on Twitter.

Bryan O'Shea

I was going to update this to say that I had recovered from my Destiny addiction. Unfortunately Rise of Iron has since happened so yeah.....

3 thoughts on “Destiny’s New Quest – A Tale of Two Guardians

  • 19/11/2015 at 2:10 pm

    only problem i see is the level 40 piece cos myself and my friends are already level 40

  • 19/11/2015 at 8:53 pm

    @slashersteve That shouldn’t be a problem mate, there a couple of quests like that, it’ll likely give you that step and then as soon as you go to orbit it will tell you to return to the Tower 🙂

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