Xbox One Experience background template

The option to use a custom image for your Xbox One background has been available for quite some time, but now that the New Xbox One Experience is out, you might find its time to update your existing background, me personally, I’m sticking to my Lego Avengers one, MajorNelson used his connections within Xbox design team and asked them to create a Photoshop .psd template so you guys can easily create your own background, whether it be a still of your favorite game, a cheesy family photo to show that you know they exist or go all out with a Christmas theme covered in HoHoHo’s, the possibilities are endless.

You can download the template here. If you want a quick glimpse, the template is shown below.


If you make a great background, share it! Drop a link into the comments below for others to download and try or over on our page.

Unsure how to change the background? Follow these steps and you shall be on your way!!

  1. Scroll left on the Home screen to open the guide.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select All Settings.
  4. In the Nav pane, select Personalisation, and then in the right pane, select Personalisation.
  5. Select My Home Xbox.
  6. Select My background, and then select one of the choices on the Your background screen:
    • Achievement art. Allows you to use any of your app or game achievements as a background or to purchase background images. To use an achievement, select one of your achievements and then select Set as background.
    • Custom image. Allows you to use an image from your Xbox One or upload an image from a USB drive.
      Note Custom images can only be used on the console where they were saved. You won’t see this background on any other console that you use.
    • Screenshot. Allows you to use one of your saved screenshots as a background image.

Instead of an image, you can also choose one of the color squares to use for your background.


 Adjust tile transparency

Adjusting the tile transparency allows you to better view your custom background through the tiles on the screen. To adjust this:

  1. Scroll left on the Home screen to open the guide.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select AllSettings.
  4. In the Nav pane, select Personalization, and then in the right pane, select Personalization.
  5. Select Tile transparency on the My color & background page.

Choose the transparency value that you prefer (Solid, Mostly solid, Partly transparent, or Mostly transparent).


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