The Crew’s Wild Run Update Out Today

The Crew’s huge new expansion pack Wild Run launches on Xbox One today. Even if you aren’t planning on picking up the new expansion, you’ll still have access to the games upgrades, and if you are, there is plenty of new content to tempt you back to Ubisoft’s racer as well.

Free To All Players

Complete graphical upgrade: Wild Run’s update introduces an entirely new Physically Based Rendering system that completely changes the look of The Crew. Ubisoft cites the main upgrades as an enhanced depth of field, improved lighting, higher resolution textures and reworked shaders, resulting in a “more photorealistic world”. Certain areas of the game world have also been completely redesigned.

Dynamic weather: New weather effects including thunderstorms, lighting and rain promise to add “even more liveliness to the world” and a new challenge for players to overcome.

Check out the new graphics and new weather effects below, with The Crew: Wild Run on the left and the original game on the right.

Expansion Pack Only

Motorcycles, Monster Trucks, Dragsters and Drift Racers: While non-Wild Run users will be able to see motorcycles, monster trucks, dragsters and drift racers roaming around the game world, only those who purchase Wild Run will be able to drive them.

100+ New Events: Upgrading to Wild Run will unlock a new championship called ‘The Summit’ featuring over 100 new events set across a range of “skill-sets and terrains”. Complete them and you’ll be awarded with “exclusive rewards and rare bonuses”.

New specs for existing cars: Cars you’ve already picked up in The Crew can be further customised with three new specs: the monster truck, the dragster and the drift car.


Wild Run is available as a digital upgrade for £24.99, If you’ve already bought The Crew’s Season Pass, you’ll need to purchase The Wild Run separately.

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