Fallout 4’s DLC Will Be Shaped By Fans

Fallout 4 has arguably been 2015’s biggest release so far, with over 12 million copies sold on day one alone. With those kind of sales figures, 2016 could also be a huge year for the Fallout series, with Fallout 4’s downloadable content being rolled out.

Though still vague, Bethesda has promised the there will be content all through 2016. The future content will be shaped by fan feedback, just like CD Projekt Red has done with their latest release, The Witcher 3. The first expansion of which has been received very positively by fans. Meaning Fallout fans can expect the very best of the best for their game.

A season pass is available for Fallout 4, costing £24.99. This will get you all future paid DLC that will be available for Fallout 4. As well as these paid DLC’s, Fallout 4 will get free DLC, again similarly to The Witcher 3 and Skyrim.

However, very little is known about what Bethesda will be adding through the DLC, mainly because the developer doesn’t know themselves. They will be paying very close attention to what fans want to see change, and what they really like. This method has led to some of the best DLC available from The Witcher 3.

Have you bought the Season Pass? Or are you waiting for confirmation on what they will include? For more news about Fallout 4, and future updates, make sure you check out Xbox One UK’s Facebook, Twitter and Website.

Stay safe out there in the Wasteland!

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