No Red Dead Redemption on Xbox One… for now.

Red Dead Redemption

When it comes to backwards compatibility, Rockstar’s 2010 western masterpiece, Red Dead Redemption, is one of  the most requested titles.

Sadly, when the first 104 backwards compatible titles were announced, Red Dead was no-where to be seen. In fact, there are no Rockstar games on that list.

“After the technological breakthrough that got backwards compatibility working, the next step was to figure out how to license all this content, originally released on Xbox 360, for Xbox One,” Microsoft engineer Richard Irving told Eurogamer. “As you can imagine, publishers have cut very specific deals on some of that content.”

Yes, yes, Richard. We need to keep the publishers happy! And we could understand if this was a football game; the publisher might need to talk to FIFA, individual football associations, league sponsors, all sorts of stuff. But this is a western. Who does the publisher need to talk to? Smith & Wesson?

John Martson, RDR Protagonist

“We’re definitely engaged with all of our publisher and developer partners–including Rockstar–on when and how we can [deliver] on that fan feedback” confirmed Irving.

Thanks, Richard. Please hurry! I just want to be a cowboy!

Backwards compatibility is, though, a great feature, absent cowboys aside. We should remember that it was fan feedback that drove our friends at Microsoft to work hard to bring it to the Xbox One, even though certain rivals didn’t think it was possible. So, keep asking for your favourite games using the Xbox Feedback site.

And when your non Xbox-owning friends talk about their paid-for streaming service, show them this:

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3 thoughts on “No Red Dead Redemption on Xbox One… for now.”

  1. rockstar need to stop slacking? copywrong doesn’t apply when cowboys are involved.

    Smith n Wesson??? that shit was funny!

  2. As long as the BC titles keep coming through in a steady stream, I’m not too fussed if the odd AAA title fails to appear when we would like it. The whole philosophy of BC is the real win for XboxOne at the moment. Being able to get hold of your ‘legacy’ games and play them on your Xbone when they are made BC is a real boon and just another feature that adds to the consoles growing credibility.

  3. JudaZuk says:

    I still hope they will listen to other important user feedback as well, that is to remove the language lock currently plaguing the Xbox One. Must be much simpler to solve then Backwards compatibility after all .. but after over 7100 vote still no response at all so far :/ #NoXboxLanguageLock

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