Next Major Xbox One Update Coming Early Next Year

How’re you find the New Xbox One Experience? Because whether you’re enjoying it or not you’re stuck with it from now until February. Commenting on Larry “MajorNelson” Hyrb’s podcast, director of program management Mike Ybarra gave an approximate time-frame of February for when the next big update will be implemented.

The wait is due to the Christmas and Holiday period, when Microsoft predict increased sales in their console and therefore wish to keep the platform as stable as possible. New features might also get in the way for those who simply want to play some new games.

Backwards compatibility was another topic discussed in the podcast. Transcribed by DualShockers, here’s how the feature was made possible:

“Two and a half years ago, our engineering team didn’t think it was possible. We took a set of engineers throughout a lot of experiences at Microsoft, and we asked them… Phil did a great job. He knows that the engineering team likes to be challenged. They like to try to do the impossible.

Phil challenged them, said “spend some time on this and let me know if it really is impossible, or if we can find some solutions somewhere.” About six months into the investigation, a couple of engineers had a breakthrough, and that allowed them to sort of see the light at the end of the tunnel and say, “wow, we’re gonna get some momentum now,” and accellerated progress started happening.

A lot of those ideas are patented right now, so we don’t like to go into all the details, because it is very confidential engineering, but it really was that moment, and some people can remember the day in which we got a couple of things working, and some of the games up and runnning. We were like “maybe we can do that.”

Two years later, I think the team is really proud of what they’re doing, and now it’s just a matter of people voting and making sure that publishers know that they want certain games in the program.”

Even though a game may be at the top of the backwards compatibility list don’t necessarily expect to see it soon, as talks with the developers and publishers are necessary to move things forward. For their part, the developers and publishers may no longer have the rights to certain aspects of the game, such as assets or music, which involves further work on their end when, y’know, they’re also busy making games and all that.

Regular updates with new games are promised, however.

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