Turtle Beach Ear Force PX24 Review

Turtle Beach started out as an audio based company for instruments in the 80’s and after alot of years perfecting its Multisound devices and quality of sound they only recently moved into gaming audio and headsets, now regarded as one of the top most gaming headset companies in the world with its ranges on Ear Force headsets.

I got the opportunity to review the Ear Force PX24’s, I was very interested to see the quality difference between that headset and my current Stealth XO FOURS ive had for a while. Surprisingly even though there is a £20 difference between the two headsets the quality difference wasn’t far off.


The PX24 have a huge array of features ranging from virtul surround sound to Multi platform compatible with the Xbox One, PC, Mac and mobile/tablet devices with a universal 3.5mm jack, for me the stand out feature that’s included in the box is the innovative Ear Force SuperAmp™, this awesome little device is crammed with a ton of cool features such as the Function Select button that allows you to switch between the different setting within the SuperAmp™,  Virtual Surround Sound level Adjust, Variable Mic Monitor, Master volume and Variable bass boost. Also included in the SuperAmp™ is the Superhuman Hearing button, this allows a huge uplift in sound volume with just the touch of a button, I found myself using the feature more in online shooters so I could pinpoint enemies coming up behind me, it worked a treat! as well as the Superhuman button is a mic mute button that also works cross platform, I tried out the SuperAmp™ in my phone and I have to say it really works well especially with the Superhuman button for blocking out my Mrs bad taste in music (hopefully she doesn’t read this) The SuperAmp™ has around 30 hours charge time on it, it can easily be charged with the included USB wire,  ive been using now for 3 days without charging so far.


here’s the full features:

  • Multiplatform compatible with the Xbox One, PC, Mac and mobile/tablet devices with a universal 3.5mm jack
  • The innovative Ear Force SuperAmp™ battery powered in-line amplifier offers fingertip control and amazing amplified sound from any device
  • Experience Turtle Beach Virtual Surround Sound on Xbox One and mobile/tablet devices
  • Superhuman Hearing™ audio preset gives players the competitive advantage of hearing enemies before they come into view
  • Variable Bass Boost enhances powerful rumbling lows
  • Variable Mic Monitoring lets you hear your own voice in the headset to avoid shouting
  • Large, high-performance 50mm Neodymium speakers deliver immersive audio
  • Adjustable, high-sensitivity boom mic picks-up your voice loud and clear
  • Lightweight design and mesh ear-cups for hours of comfort

So how does it feel and what’s it like?

The headset itself is super light and fully adjustable, the mesh ear-cups really help for comfortability over long periods of time, I played Fallout 4 for 3 hours yesterday and not once did I have to adjust the headset because they where becoming uncomfortable, when playing I tend to only keep one cup on my ear due to having a young daughter, usually with my XO FOURS I have to move them around alot as you can imagine they are not designed for just one ear but even with the fact I didn’t need to move the PX24 once!! result. The Large, high-performance 50mm Neodymium speakers deliver immersive audio and really help with the overall comfortability.

Why buy this headset over any others?

If we takeaway the fact its alot cheaper than most headsets at this point and look at just the device in its self, its comfortable, light weight, it has fantastic sound quality, is crammed with tones of features, it includes the Ear Force SuperAmp™ giving you the ability to set your base boost and overall sound to what ever you want with easy. The reason I would buy this headset really revolves around the quality of sound, when your online playing a multiplayer experience like Halo 5 and the bullets are whizzing past your face (in my case 9/10 in my face) and you can hear each bullet in full surround sound glory it gives you an amazing feeling of real immersion!

The Ear Force PX24 are out now to buy at most retailers for around £69.99

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4 thoughts on “Turtle Beach Ear Force PX24 Review”

  1. Jaime says:

    What are the differences between these and the XO Seven Pro’s? I’m trying to compare, but I’m not seeing much difference except that the PX24’s have virtual surround sound and the price is much cheaper…

  2. Seb says:

    I am also thinking about the px24 vs the xo seven pro.. the only difference is 20euro on there site. Is the xo seven pro worth the buck? Because the px24 has superamp while xo seven doesnt if im right?

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