Star Wars Battlefront Mini Game For You To Enjoy Whilst The Game Installs

So your waiting for Battlefront to install, what do you do?

Well EA have thought about that and added a supposed little mini game in for you to enjoy. It lets you play as the dark sides most famous enemy –  Darth Vader. Roaming around a Hoth base, you will be throwing your light saber, force choking rebels and generally being a bad ass to anyone that gets in your way. Be warned however, time spent playing this game will count against you if your previewing the game via EA Access. With a limited 10 hours game to to be play battlefront early,

Do you want to use some of that valuable time messing around as Darth Vader??

‘Ermmmm….YES I DO’


Battlefront will be out on Tuesday, however EA Access members on Xbox One can play it for a limited 10 hours starting today. All of Battlefront’s modes will be available to enjoy during the preview period, including this mini-game,

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Andrew 'Bowsey' Bowes

Evening all, I'm Andrew, I've been gaming since I was old enough to hold a controller. Currently Xbox one and pc gamer, I prefer the massive open world games and small indie type games, but I can always be found playing something or another every day. Got Xbox live, deathrock2010, add me

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