Knight Squad Review

Knight Squad is a chaotically fast paced one to eight player party game.

Knight Squad has been developed by Canadian games studio Chainsawesome, Knight Squad was originally developed for the 2013 Pixel challenge. The Prototype of the game went on to win and Chainsawesome decided to bring it to the market. Knight Squad is due for release 16th November.

If you like chaotic party games, then this game will tick the boxes, it’s a one to eight player game online or offline. Yes Knight Squad has the option of eight player carnage on one console. You have the choice of nine level modes in local and online modes, varying from capture the grail, capture the flag, team death match and many more fast paced levels. one of my favourite game modes during my time reviewing Knight Squad was the soccer game mode, but its soccer with a twist there still a ball of course, but when I say twist, I mean crossbows, swords and armour and endless power-ups of different capabilities with the power ups its makes it more of a extreme soccer match then really!

Each of the game modes have different variations, and layouts to mix things up, and you can set the amount of kills and time to the game mode you are playing and also you can change the difficulty of the Bots from easy right up to extreme

You have the choice of nine very colourful characters and there unusually named too, but I will let you find them out.

knight squad character_select

You also have the chance to be the best in the world, with the Challenge mode. Complete the set challenges with the most kills or quickest time or even both, and get your name up on the leader board and prove yourself to be one of the best!

Knight Squad is ideal for family and friends to get everyone involved and have fun and to be the best Knight as it can be really competitive, plus being really addictive at the same time and when I say I really addictive mean to the point where you say to yourself just one more game, then it turns in to about twenty more. You could easily spend many hours playing Knight Squad, even if it’s just cycling through the game modes over and over again. As you can keep going back for more.

Do I need eight players? I here you ask, the answer is no. You can play the game modes as single player as the game will recognize that you are the only player and will add seven Bot Knights to the game to give you the experience of seven other players. The Bot option comes with four difficulty settings, so you can challenge yourself against them.

kinght squad crystalrush

The online play is exactly the same as the local play, but you can either play against your friends or randomly picked people, and with 8 player controlled characters it could be and probably will be complete and utter carnage, This is what makes the game what it is with the pure carnage on all the levels. There is no skill needed either way you’re going to get cross bowed, stabbed, or shot with a laser gun…yes I said laser gun.

The power-up’s are always spawning on the levels and appear at random intervals and locations, so you have to be quick to get them as they can be taken by the others very quickly, you can get speed boots, increase your speed of your character, ride on a horse to gain advantage against the others and rapid fire cross bows and many more to many to list.

The controls are very simple, but is doesn’t need nothing complicated as you all you need is your character movements and weapon attack. Knight Squad runs really smoothly with high level detail textures, the music and sounds are really sharp and sound awesome on a home cinema system.

kinght squad ctf_dragon_fortress
Chainawesome have also done a DLC for Knight Squad, Titled Chivalrous, the DLC will add 4 extra game modes and 3 extra characters increasing the total playable levels to 13 with a total of 12 Characters so you can extend the mayhem you create!

As an added bonus Knight Squad will be FREE on November 16th as part of Games with Gold, The DLC is not part of the Games With Gold offers. I would highly recommend downloading Knight Squad even if it wasn’t free to start with as I Chainsawesome have done a fantastic to bring what was a prototype game to the Xbox One under the ID@Xbox program and considering they are a 3 man team. I’m pretty impressed with what they have achieved.

I cant recommend this excellent game enough, and with it being FREE for a month you can’t go wrong.

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