Battlefield 4 Releasing Free Battlefield 2 Map Remake- Dragon Valley Is Back

EA have added a remake of Dragon Valley, the popular map from Battlefield 2, to their next Battlefield 4 map pack. Last year they asked the Battlefield community which classic map they wanted to see remade for the next gen console game, and the found that Dragon Valley was a popular choice. If you played Battlefield 2 you will likely remember this map as it was huge, with a load of capture points and destructible and repairable bridges. However , with the remake some things had to change, Battlefield 2, although a massive success had issues, the main one being a poor draw distance (how far you can see in the game world) by today’s standards, and the original map was built around those limitations. So they got down to business straight away rectifying this:

We tackled this in several ways: first we increased the terrain verticality to closer mimic a real life Chinese river valley – and to give us more terrain occlusion for long distances, especially on the central island. We also added a dynamic cloud layer, which not only adds a welcomed air-to-ground separation in terms of game play, but also helps shroud far distances at ground level. This has the added bonus effect of allowing you to have intense aerial firefights above the cloud level, which looks really, really cool in Battlefield 4. Destructible and repairable bridges, on the other hand, were something we didn’t need to change a ton. They were something we felt had to be part of the map – this tactical element is a big part of what made the original fun – especially in the land armor department. We are happy to say that we will be bringing these bridges back – and they are a ton of fun to use!

The conquest setup for this map has more flags than any other Battlefield 4 map in the game so far, as well as Rush being added to the map, a mode that wasn’t available in the original game. Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations is coming to Xbox One. Dragon Valley 2015 will be a part of the free Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations DLC, which will come out alongside the Holiday Update later this year (the DLC and the update are two separate downloads).

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One thought on “Battlefield 4 Releasing Free Battlefield 2 Map Remake- Dragon Valley Is Back”

  1. Pete says:

    old news for battlefield players

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