Rainbow Six Siege; LAN Support Confirmed

Today on DivisionBlog there was some information released for Siege:

Back in mid September, Rainbow Six Siege went through a Closed Beta and Closed Technical Test phase. These tests were to prepare the game for launch both from a gameplay perspective as well as a connectivity and stability perspective. The changes post-Beta have now been made public for both Ranked, Unranked as well as a few Terrorist Hunt and individual operator changes.

The biggest changes to the Operators, in our opinion, comes to those who use a shield such as Fuze, Blitz, and Montagne. Shield operators now have reduced hipfire accuracy as well as decreased bonus’ from laser sight attachments. Bullet spread has also been increased by 2.5x while hipfiring with a shield, as well as by 5x when taking damage. This puts shield operators in a more defensive posture rather than offensive, which leads to more teamwork and communication in the end. Obviously shield operators are one of the most sought after for various reasons, but it will be interesting to see how the changes reflect in Ranked matches when the game comes out.

Other minor changes came to Pulse, IQ and Bandit. Pulses’ cardiac sensor got a minor upgrade now with 3D visual feedback as well as the range in which OpFor can be detected, IQ’s EDD sensor’s range has been increased to 15 meters, and finally Bandit’s electrified gadget damage has been increased and the visual feedback has been reduced. These minor changes make the operators easier to pick up and learn, and make the game a little bit more competitive across the board.

Some of the bigger changes came in regards to Ranked and Unranked play. The biggest change to Unranked play is that now attacking and defending teams no longer get to pick their insertion or objective points. The system will randomly select both and identify them to the players at the operator loading screen. This seems to be a push by Ubisoft Montreal towards getting more players to play Ranked play rather than Unranked which seems to be in correlation with their stance on being a competitive title.

Ranked play has seen a massive overhaul, which is good for the hardcore players. There are alot of changes, so rather than listing and describe them all, we’ll give you a short list below:

RANKED: New Details

Ranked matches have voting on spawn/objective location
Ranked matches do NOT have Death Replays
Ranked matches will utilize a minimal HUD setting
No scoring indicators
No grenade indicators
No threat indicators
No reload indicators
No teammate outline
No kill confirmation marker

One of the other interesting pieces of information that we learned is there will be Custom Matches that are hosted on dedicated servers with an update following launch, as well as there will be LAN support with a server browser. This is great news for tournament organizers as they wont have to connect to a data center as everything will be locally hosted.

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