Fallout 4 Infinite Money Glitch… Is it for you?

Well it was always going to happen wasn’t it?, With such an expansive game like fallout 4 there always going to be bugs, issues, glitches and a whole host of other small problems discovered after launch.

Most of these are annoying little problems, like that time your gun didn’t appear or when dogmeat glitched through a wall. But occasionally a glitch is found that is so overpowered in helping you the gamer, that it will be patched up quicker than you could say ‘that super mutant looks angry doesn’t it’. And this is one of them, an infinite money glitch found whilst using the vendors that roam the wasteland.


So your out there in the wasteland and you’ve found a merchant, now what? Well as long as you have a few hundred caps then you should be good to go. Firstly, open up the shop and purchase all the ammo of a certain type that they have, now sell back one, that’s right just ONE, of that specific ammo back to the merchant but don’t complete the deal yet. After you sold that one unit of ammo go ahead and sell the rest of that stack of ammo back, again don’t close that deal, its not finished yet.

Now this is where it starts to glitch in your favour. The merchant, or more specifically the game, doesn’t seem to recognise what you just did, and allows you to keep the one unit of ammo you bought in your inventory which you can sell back until the merchant has no caps left. You could always expand on this and mix this glitch in with the option of buying all the merchant has and taking all his caps. Don’t worry though, he won’t be filing for bankruptcy as his stock refreshes every 24hours. Just wait a day and go again.

This glitch is glitchy! that it doesn’t appear to work on every vendor out there in the wasteland, maybe some of them are just that bit cleverer due to a mentats addiction, Who knows?

So get out there and try and fleece the merchants of there goods and caps as quick as possible before its patched up!!

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Andrew 'Bowsey' Bowes

Evening all, I'm Andrew, I've been gaming since I was old enough to hold a controller. Currently Xbox one and pc gamer, I prefer the massive open world games and small indie type games, but I can always be found playing something or another every day. Got Xbox live, deathrock2010, add me

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