Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Michonne “is about to sneak up on you”

Telltale are still working away with The Walking Dead series with it’s upcoming 3 part mini-series following the adventures of Katana wielding, zombie killing, all around badass Michonne. The game was slated for release in the fall. Which is now. Soooooo?


Oh you tease! I wouldn’t be surprised to see it launch soon. After all, Telltale launched the second episode of Minecraft: Story Mode completely out of nowhere so if they were to do the same with this Mini-series?

From the mouths of Telltale themselves:

The Walking Dead: Michonne – A Telltale Games Mini-Series stars the iconic character from the comic book series haunted by her past and coping with unimaginable loss and regret. The story explores her untold journey during the time between issues #126 and #139. Through this Telltale Games mini-series of 3 episodes, players will discover what took Michonne away from Rick, Ezekiel, and the rest of her trusted group… and what brought her back.”

There’s no actual release date but hey, hopefully it’s soon right?

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