FIFA 16: 1.03 Update for Xbox One

FIFA 16’s 1.03 patch is now live on Xbox one. There’s a whole host of patches and improvements implemented this time round that were found thanks to you the gaming community and the FIFA Live Service Team, This new update is roughly 300mb so shouldn’t take up to much needed space of on your hard drive. There are 4 main types of update in this new patch,  content, stability and some of the FIFA ultimate team issues.

Content wise there have been some new star heads introduced into the game, mostly in the form of the newly promoted Barclay’s Premier league teams this season. Roma,Barcelona and Inter Milan have all had new third strips added to their line up. But the biggest place were there have been improvements made is in game stability, online matchmaking has been improved, correct country flags now appear in the FIFA Pro Clubs along with an instance of Pro Clubs accomplishments being reset for a limited number of users. The win/loss record exploit in FIFA Online Seasons has now been rectified and a few occasional instances of teams celebrating goals at the wrong moment has been altered.

FIFA Ultimate Team has also had a work over, with 2 new improvements applied; The Buy it Now default value has been updated to the max value when listing an item for sale on the transfer market along with improvements to compare prices when used on consumable items. And 4 quite random issues have been sorted out –

An issue where your Goalkeeper was the default selection for all Player Roles.

An issue in settings where the image of the ball didn’t match the selected ball.

An issue that caused a shared Concept Squad to be displayed as a playable squad in the EA Sports Football Club news feed.

An issue with the use of historical kits by your opponent in Play a Friend’s Squad.


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One thought on “FIFA 16: 1.03 Update for Xbox One

  • 11/11/2015 at 11:34 am

    Hopefully they sort the 40 penaltys a match and the defenders turing into Usain Bolt when 1 v 1.

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