Elgato Gaming Chat Link Review

Elgato is very well known for its high definition capture cards with not just high definition but high quality, more recently they had a new edition to there ever growing list of brilliant capture cards, the HD60 Pro (see our review here).


Today I had the pleasure of reviewing a new piece of kit from these capture card geniuses, even though the Elgato Gaming Chat Link isn’t a piece of hardware but just a wire it doesn’t stop it being as or if not more relevant than a new capture card, as a YouTuber one of the biggest troubles is recording party chat to a high quality.

Trust me when I say that having one wire that can successfully allow me not capture party chat to a blessing, I currently have 5 wires connected to each other in a rambling mess that quite frankly is “a bloody nightmare” I took me a little while to get these wires that kind of worked for my set up, cost wise these five wires set me back after postage and packaging around £30.00.

So what does this wonderful one wire accomplish, well its simple! You get to capture your party chat in the best quality without paying £30-£45 without 5 wires that just look a mess.



  • Easily record Party Chat using your Game Capture HD, HD60 and HD60 Pro
  • One single cable guarantees a simple and tidy set up.
  • Long length means you can still sit back and relax while recording or streaming.
  • Plugs directly into your Xbox One controller.
  • High Quality cabling ensures no sound quality loss.

How to set up



Depending which capture card you have will determine how you set up, I have the HD60 (check out my review here) so for me its very simple, on the Chat link there is three connectors, one long male that is inserted into the HD60 audio port, one female for my headset to be plugged into and the last is a male connector that’s inserted into the Xbox One controller, next you’ll need to boot up the Game Capture HD software, go into settings and change the audio input to Analog Audio. That’s it!! It’s so simple yet completely effective in everyway

HD60 Pro


If you are lucky enough to own the Pro take the long male wire and plug into the PC motherboard (usually this is blue) and connect the other two wires to the headset and controller, once this is done load up the Game Capture HD software setting and change the audio input to Line In Audio.

Game Capture HD


With this capture card you will need an extra wire to get this to work effectively, you will need 3.5mm to RCA-Y adapter so that you can plug into the component breakout cable allowing you to then connect to the A/V in port on the HD. The in the same way as the HD60m and the Pro, open the Game Capture HD software settings and change the audio input to Analog Audio.

My overall reaction to this wire is this, if you are a YouTuber/Streamer that likes to record/stream Party Chat then this wire is what you need, it allows you to connect your capture cards to your controller and headsets with ease, regardless of which model you have, your set up is simple, painless and effective. If  I’m honest I was surprised when I started recording video’s there wasn’t a company out there that hasn’t already made a wire like this, Elgato has jumped at the chance of making our lives easier and I’m grateful to say the least.

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