Destiny Three of Coins Theory & Next Big Update News

So, here we are with my very first article on this site and in general, and what better way to start it than with an article centred around the game that has consumed 90% of my free time in the last 12 months. Destiny.

Without further ado let’s start dishing out the information you came here for.

Destiny Armory Three of Coins

We start here, with the infamous Three of Coins. Which have been, in my personal experience, almost certainly the best and simultaneously worst part of the Taken King update. The anticipation of using the coin, the disappointment of nothing dropping, the excited trepidation when something finally drops, the anguish when you realize it’s a chest piece which almost guarantees you your sixth Crest of Alpha Lupi for the Titan, then finally the sheer delight when you drop a primary and it’s a 310 Monte Carlo for you to infuse into your Anguish of Drystan almost as quickly as you decrypted it. Not that I’m venting my personal frustrations here….

Anyway back on track and onto the first part of this article: so a thread surfaced recently on the favored subreddit of all those that play Destiny. The general message being communicated in the article (found here) was that the submitter had discovered a Three of Coins methodology that almost guaranteed an exotic drop every single time a Three of Coins was used (almost guaranteed). Whilst this sounds to good to believe I waded in and read on. From what I read the basic steps are these:

1) Make sure that you do not have the 3oC buff active (kill an ultra if you do).
2) Load into the vanguard strike playlist (Heroic strikes seem to work as well).
3) Complete two strikes without 3oC.
4) On the beginning of the third strike (once you have loaded in, and are on the ground) activate a Three of Coin and proceed the strike as normal.
5) Killing an ultra has given us a 90% chance of an exotic.
6) Exit back to orbit and return to the playlist.

From some general reading of the thread this seems to return an incredible amount of exotic engrams whilst consuming very few Three of Coins, 11 engrams from from 12 consumptions in the case of the original poster. Whilst I haven’t tried this I almost certainly will be if I can find anyone that hasn’t abandoned the fight against the Darkness in favor of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. If this does work I will be spreading the message far and wide to make the most of it until Bungie catches on and inevitably patches it. So watch this space.

In this next section I’m just going to summarize briefly for you a recent online post by Bungie Community Manager David Dague. There will be two updates too Destiny before the end of the year, one this month and one in December.

It seems these updates will focus on many things the community have been crying out for whether that be focused on quests and bounties (although details on these updates are scarce) or the in game currency currently available as well as becoming readily available soon if the Community Manager’s post is to be believed. Let’s try to bullet point these updates below but please be mindful as with the Three of Coins theory above these are rumors at this stage and not confirmed.

  • Everyone’s favourite gunsmith Banshee-44 will begin accepting glimmer as payment for weapon parts.
  • Petra may have a use for your Etheric light, although what it may be is open to speculation.
  • Eris is adding another egg to her already overflowing basket of crazy by being the only person in the entire Destiny-verse (that was terrible I apologize) that has an interest in all that glorious wormspore you’re hoarding.

With the latter two updates rumored for December it seems Bungie still has plans for Destiny and this rumored ten year plan might have some weight behind it yet.

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With that comes to an end my first article so I’ll sign off and catch you you on the Dreadnought to kick Oryx where it hurts and steal all his good loot! Be safe out there Guardians!

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4 thoughts on “Destiny Three of Coins Theory & Next Big Update News”

  1. I’ll need to try that with the 3oC, I used to get one in every 5-7 but now it’s more like one in every 15-20.

  2. Mr_E_Nygma says:

    Me and a friend tried it once last night without much success, although we did die once each so that may have some bearing on it. Worth considering when running through it.

  3. Mr_E_Nygma says:

    A 3oC is the destiny community abbreviation of a three of coins (sorry I should have been clearer in the article).
    If you’re unsure what a three of coins is it gives you an increased chance to drop an exotic engram when defeating an ultra on Destiny. Hope that helps 🙂

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