Official First 104 Xbox One Backwards Compatible Games

Today Mike Ybarra, Director of Program Management for Xbox, announced the first 104 titles coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility when the feature launches as part of the New Xbox One Experience on 12 Nov.

At Xbox, we believe that gaming is universal and should be enjoyed by everyone, everywhere. Our philosophy since launching Xbox One two years ago has been to put gamers at the center of everything we do and create the best, most seamless gaming experience possible. We’re taking a major step forward in that journey on November 12 when we start rolling out the New Xbox One Experience with Xbox One Backward Compatibility.

Today, I’m happy to unveil to you the first 104 Xbox One Backward Compatibly games. Some of my favorites are included, like the complete Gears of War catalog, Assassin’s Creed II, Fallout 3, Borderlands, and Castle Crashers. The full list of the first 104 games is below and can be found at the Backward Compatibility page at And, as I said at gamescom, going forward, all Xbox 360 games available through Games With Gold after Nov. 12 will be playable on Xbox One.

Our launch of 104 titles on Nov. 12 is just the beginning. You can expect new Xbox One Backward Compatible games to be announced on a regular basis, starting in December. More titles are on the way, including fan favorites like Halo Reach, Halo Wars, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Bioshock, Bioshock 2, Bioshock Infinite and Skate 3. Stay tuned because this just the beginning of a long list of Xbox 360 games that will run on Xbox One.

If you don’t see your favourite Xbox 360 title on the list and you want to try and get it added, visit the Xbox Feedback website and vote on the existing nominations or submit your own.

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36 thoughts on “Official First 104 Xbox One Backwards Compatible Games”

  1. Johno says:

    thought there might of been at least one call of duty in there

  2. Chill3will says:

    like 4 or 5 decent games in there. Its just sad

  3. Darkvirgil89 says:

    Was hoping to see Mass Effect 2 and 3, plus Dragon Age

  4. Sean says:

    Anyone notice that most of these games are ones with the least amount of votes? Besides Gears, which was promised to us when we bought the Ultimate Edition, most of these have a lot less votes than some of the other high quality games….

  5. feel a bit disappointed with that list at least reach and bioshock are coming in December ?

  6. Mark says:

    Very disappointed NO forza motorsport games

  7. Its all bull shattttt ! Bullshit games ! What bout call of duty 4 or world at war or modernwarfare 1-3 or black ops one !!! Aint no one got those games on that list and gears of ware sux n i only got the first one n its even more bullshit that not wven that aint up there !!!! Again BULLSHITTTTTTT !

  8. Completely n utterly pissed off with microsoft and activision !!!!

  9. Wesley Black says:

    Disappointed No EA Games

  10. shocking list all the games that were voted for are not there and half of these are terrible games aswell

  11. T.Nugent says:

    Sad to see mostly arcade games, where are the popular games ? A bunch of sonic and only Mass Effect 1 ? No Call of Duty ? I really hope more will come soon and not more arcade games, there is enough of those already on the list for now. I would agree it’s disappointing. I really thought there would be a lot more class A games, this will not entice 360 owners to switch over.

  12. there’s no ncaa or bo2 or red dead redemption this is terrible

  13. Cade says:

    They can do better than this.

  14. Steve robinson says:

    Modern warfare three

  15. Ian G. says:

    Wtf can they stop screwing around and add Skyrim to this list. And why are the majority of these arcade games …like who dafuq?

  16. Jason H says:

    Waste of time

  17. Zombii says:

    No call of duty not worth the be excited

  18. cp3 says:

    No ghost recon series who made this terrible bad company 2

  19. Lizzy says:

    No skyrim? Well f*** this

  20. Matt says:

    Not even Left for Dead is on there!!!!!!

  21. Intimidator says:

    No race driver grid or call of duty world at war

  22. Matt says:

    Sounds like Microsoft is prolonging shit again good way to loose sales to Sony

  23. David says:

    Call of duty is not listed because it’s server based. None of the games listed are ran off servers.

  24. Carl findon says:

    I think its a good start and people are just being ungrateful. If you want to play the 360 games you are all moaning about get a 360. At least microsoft are trying.

  25. Sam says:

    Can’t say I’m excited about this. I thought there’d be more games I’m familiar with. Most of it are games I’ve never even heard of. The only one I’m looking forward to playing is Assassins Creed 2. I wanted Red Dead Redemption but not seeing it on the list makes me wonder… Is there a possibility that maybe there will be a remastered version of it for current gen consoles?

  26. Pity they can’t let us play our 360 digital downloads, plus the free games with live for 360

  27. Dawg1969 says:

    this is some bullshit no good games

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