Adventure Time: Finn and Jake investigations Review

Adventure Time: Finn and Jake investigations is an all new story driven graphical adventure game. Strange stuff is happening in the land of Ooo (well stranger than usual anyway). Luckily Finn and Jake are on the case, this mysterious adventure will put their and your detective skills to the ultimate test as you and them search for clues, interrogate witnesses and slowly piece together the evidence to save the day. They even have to bust up their fair share of goons along the way, but its nothing that Finn and Jake can’t handle!

adventure time 2

This game was created by Littleorbit and is genuinely one of the best renditions of the series to a game that I have seen yet, it includes all of the popular and loved characters from the hit series as well as a few that have yet to appear in the newer shows. The dialogue throughout the game is consistent and true to the series as well as Jake the dogs sense of humor and his abilities to change shape and size, this is used in order to solve puzzles and as power ups during battle. alot of hard work and time goes into each TV episode (rough 9 months) which is why the show is so well loved by all I think, its very apparent that the same amount of attention to detail has been given in this game which just shows the calibre of quality in this title.

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Throughout the game the story keeps you entertained and engrossed all the way while trying to solve the various puzzles as you go, trying to work out these puzzles is not always as easy as you may think neither is working out what to do next, some of the puzzles have you running around in circles repeating your steps to progress. Throughout the game you will need to combine various items with each other as well as some items that need to be combined with Jake in order to make it work. The part that really stands out within these puzzles is they do not become repetitive which if im honest is rare in these sort of games these days.

Battle mode is easy to control as you hit the enemy your special abilities bar slowly boosts, once full you get four options to use as Finn and Jake combine to become a weapon of great destruction. The fighting element in any adventure game is really what you look at, Adventure time really nails the battles elements really well, hell cracking skulls never got boring!!adventure time8

The general game play is great fun and overall this game is definitely highly recommended for anyone, weather your an adventure time fan or not, this is definitely a much needed upgrade to the previous versions of the Adventure Time franchise, this one is both enjoyable and a pleasure to play for adults and children alike (being a big kid I can act as both parties)

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Game Features

Sleuth your way through the five cases set in the land of Ooo, each of which plays out a separate chapter (like your own personal episode of the show) this is a great feature to allow players to experience the game like your playing as part of your own detective style series (no weird moustaches included)

See the Adventure Time characters and familiar locations for the first time in high definition 3D

Tackle puzzles by creatively using inventory objects and Jake the all powerful shape shifting dog! this really adds a fun element to doing puzzles,

Combat evildoers as Finn using a variety of unique swords and Jake’s awesome shape shifting attack forms.

My overall impression of Adventure Time was; weather your an Adventure Time fan or your just curious to try it out it caters for everyone both young and, you have puzzles, fighting, adventure and fun all the way. I wasn’t an actual fan of Adventure Time until now. The game really pays homage to an all round fun TV programme that has alot of care and attention from the creators and animators.

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2 thoughts on “Adventure Time: Finn and Jake investigations Review”

  1. El Guapo says:

    Vicious Cycle deserves the credit for this. Little Orbit didn’t do shit.

  2. Craig says:

    Who ever it was they done a great job on it looking through the fact sheets it said little orbit created it sorry if this was wrong

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