Fallout 4’s Gunplay Modeled After Destiny’s

When designing Fallout 4’s new shooting mechanics, developers at Bethesda Games Studios used Bungie’s shooter Destiny (Considered by some to have some of the best gunplay in a game) as a reference point for what they wanted to achieve. Bethesda also saw Destiny as a suitable model as both Destiny and Fallout 4 run at 30fps.

Speaking in June, Fallout 4’s director Todd Howard said that they will improve upon what was seen in Fallout 3, with Howard stating that the shooting system in Fallout 3 was very “meh”.

VATS is also making a return in Fallout 4, the games strategic combat mechanic where action slows down, allowing the player to target specific areas of their target. Howard also spoke about VATS saying that  “If you’re building your character for VATS, it’s really powerful.”

Bethesda also enlisted the help of Doom and Rage developer ID Software for Fallout 4’s shooting mechanics.

What is your character going to be set up for while wandering the Wasteland? Will you focus on firearms, or more melee combat? Stealth, or brute force? Look out for more Fallout 4 news on Xbox One UK’s Facebook, Twitter and Website ahead of the November 10th launch, which is now less than a week away!


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