Neverwinter: Strongholds Released

Neverwinter, the popular MMORPG from Cryptic Studios has received its seventh expansion. Neverwinter: Strongholds is now available on the Xbox One and adds a few new elements to the game.

In the game’s latest expansion, players will join other guild members to reclaim a derelict keep from the wild and rebuild it into a fortified stronghold on Neverwinter’s largest map to date. Then players must defend the keep as this is your guilds base of operations.

Reminding us of the early wargaming traditions players must work together and use resources from the environment around them to customise and optimise their new home. Structures and defenses can be constructed both i and around the stronghold helping you to wage war against your enemies in the new Siege PVP gamemode.neverwinter4

Stronghold Siege is the new PVP mode in Neverwinter and it is fought over a battleground that is made up of two Stronghold maps combined. This creates a large, three lane battlefield that is big enough to accommodate the 20v20 player matches. The objective of this gamemode is to siege and destroy the enemy guildhall.

As an added incentive for all the achievement hunters out there, the first time you load up your stronghold you will be rewarded with 20 Gamerscore.

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