Lego Dimensions Getting New Expansion Packs

Are you ready for your Lego Dimensions to get even more Dimensions? No? Well tough, because Lego Dimensions is getting some brand new themed expansion packs featuring content from Doctor Who, LEGO Ninjago, The Simpsons and The LEGO Movie!

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced today the Friday 6thNovember UK release of five, highly collectible LEGO® Dimensions™ expansion packs based on Doctor Who, LEGO®   Ninjago™, The Simpsons™, and TheLEGO® Movie™. Players can customise their gameplay experience with the purchase of these Wave 2 Level Packs, Team Packs and Fun Packs which provide an additional level, buildable characters, vehicles, and gadgets with special in-game abilities.  Plus, any expansion pack character can unlock the corresponding Adventure World of the same brand to provide players with additional open-world gameplay content based on that entertainment property.

On top of these new expansion packs, Lego Dimensions will also feature a new “Hire-A-Hero” option allowing players experiment with Wave 1 expansion pack characters using “studs” which I’m going to assume is the game’s currency. The press release states that Wave 2 characters will eventually be useable in the future at some point too.


The new expansion packs will include a Doctor Who themed pack with items and abilities such as the TARDIS and the Doctor’s abilities such as “Hacking, Technology, Fix-it and Doctor Regenerate option.” The physical figures for the TARDIS and K-9 can be also be modified and built in different ways to provide different gameplay features too. Hopefully you can rebuild K-9 as a cat, that’s how it works right?

The Lego Ninjago pack features the characters Kai and Cole and allow players to use their golden ninja weapons, Spinjitzu skills. Players will also be able to use Cole’s Builder Bomber and Kai’s Blade Bike which can be rebuild and modify the physical versions just like the TARDIS and K-9. Except this things could be more destructive. The “Flying Fire Bike” sounds amazing.

The Simpsons Pack brings Bart Simpson and Krusty the Clown in to the game. Bart will be have “Target and Mini Access abilities to solve puzzles and battle enemies” and players will be able to ride on Gravity Sprinter which just like K-9. Can be rebuilt, hopefully in to a cat as well. Krusty will have “Growth and Hazard Cleaner abilities” which sound both gross and hilarious at the same time. He will also have the Clown Bike as his vehicle of choice which can hopefully be rebuilt as some sort of feline vehicle.

Finally, The Lego Movie pack brings the wonderful UniKitty in to the game, with her abilities including “Rainbow LEGO, Master Build, and Big Transform abilities” and you’ll be able to take control of her Cloud Cuckoo Car which like the other vehicles will be rebuildable and modified hopefully in to some sort of Alison Brie themed vehicle because Alison Brie is awesome. (She also voices UniKitty in the game, just like the film.)


The Doctor Who, LEGO®   Ninjago™, The Simpsons™, and The LEGO® Movie™ Wave 2 expansion packs for Lego Dimensions are set for release on the 6th November.

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