HALO 5: Guardians Beats James Bond

Not even 007 could win this battle

You can just picture it now, Master Chief sat there in the massive chair saying “Come in Mr Bond, we have been expecting you”. There’s no doubt about the fact that James Bond is a worldwide phenomenon and loved by millions of fans, but the HALO fans proved their loyalty in these latest figures.


The new ‘Spectre’ movie made an impressive 6.3 million pounds on the first day, HALO 5: Guardians smashed that and made 7.7 million pounds. This goes to show no matter how much of a super spy you are, being a Spartan proves to be much more appealing.


So does this mean the people prefer playing games over watching movies now, is a Spartan Suit better than a Tuxedo and do you prefer saving the world from aliens instead of super villains – let us know your choices in the comments.

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One thought on “HALO 5: Guardians Beats James Bond”

  1. @Halo Was that halo 5 sales just in Britain? Because your forgetting halo 5 was released world wide unlike bond

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