New Xbox One Experience Preview Update Available 2nd November

Update, Update and did I say update? Well lets be honest we expect these with the release only just over a week away.  So… a New Xbox One Experience update is rolling out to NXOE Preview participants on November 2nd . This update contains fixes and stability improvements – see below for details.


If your console is in Instant-On mode and you have been selected, it will download and install the update and reboot to standby.
NOTE: Once the update is available to your wave, you can manually begin the update by navigating to Settings > System and selecting System Update.
If your console hasn’t downloaded and installed the update by 1:00AM PT 11/4/2015, you will be prompted to do so at that time.

OS version released: th2_xbox_rel_1510.151031-1900
Available: 6:00PM PST 11/2 (2AM GMT 11/3)


Live TV Stuttering Fix (50mhz) : Fixed an issue that caused Live TV playback to stutter (more promiment with 50Hz content)
Bluray/Upload Studio/Preview Dashboard: This build contains a fix that may help address issues causing Blu-ray, Upload Studio, and Preview Dashboard to crash.
My games and apps: Fixed an issue that sometimes caused apps and games to fail to activate or timeout
DirectTV: Fixed an issue that sometimes caused no audio in OneGuide for DirectTV when turning on the console
Titles/Labels: Fixed an issue that caused “ms-resource” to show up on the labels of some titles and DLC
High Contrast Mode: Fixed an issue where room noise could cause a false recognition turning on high contrast mode.
Battery Indicator: Improved the accuracy of the controller battery indicator on home.
Media apps: Fixed an issue that was causing a small number of media apps to occasionally crash or have poor performance
Blank App Tiles: For some users, unlaunchable blank tiles containing only a background color and missing the title should no longer appear. Please use Report a problem if this issue still occurs for you.
Game Fixes : Some titles (such as Forza Motorsport 6) will no longer fail to resume a suspended session after powering on the console in Instant-On mode.

Known Issues for th2_xbox_rel_1510.151031-1900

Game and App Issues:
YouTube: Videos in the “Purchases” section of the YouTube app will only play for about ten seconds before throwing an error.

General System Issues:

Party and game chat: You may be unable to hear others when joining a party chat.
Workaround: Switching to game chat should allow you to hear others correctly.
Privacy Settings: Some users are experiencing an error message when they attempt to change their privacy settings on the console. The workaround is to do this from

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