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Guitar Hero began a long time ago published by RedOctane and created by dare we say it? Rock Band developer Harmonix before exploding into a worldwide phenomenon under the guidance of Activision.  And Guitar Hero Live is the first new entry in the series since Warriors of Rock in 2010. I never thought we would see it again but I’m sure glad we have. Activision announced early in the year that they’d be reviving the franchise bringing it into the new generation for the first time ever and it’s recently got released with a stunning new guitar so we thought we would take a look at it closer.

I must say first off even if you consider yourself to be a Guitar Hero expert like most people that’s not including myself by the way. I got to see some amazing people at egx in September 2015 playing with the guitar on their head and behind they back….. How I never really know. because It’s much harder this time around rather than the five buttons and five frets we’re all used to… This Guitar Hero has splits six buttons across three frets. Three up and three down there also colour coded so let me say this…. don’t just jump into the deep end on this new Guitar Hero Live and play on a extreme difficulty level of course you can select one of four difficulty levels which affect the number and complexity of the note patterns you have to hit, and the speed at which the on-screen display scrolls.  The new guitar takes time to master and learn so go easy and slow at to start and you’ll have loads of fun in the end.. Of course we know that playing Guitar Hero isn’t the same as playing a real guitar. But it’s the closest you’ll get and it’s great fun in the living room and you can always plug a USB microphone into the Xbox and sing along all night long.

What I found good this time around on the next gen is setting the guitar up was simple and easy at long last.
Simply plug the USB dongle into the Xbox One, Power the guitar up make sure it’s synced up and calibrated and away to go. It’s really that easy no wires or expects needed here.

From the very start on Guitar Hero Live you’ll see the entire UI has been overhauled by the develepers and It looks great and very sleek and clean easy to navigate and there’s a clear distinct division between the “Live” mode and GHTV

When you first select a song either it be ‘LIVE’ or GHTV It’ll feel like everything is focused around you with people coming up to you while you walk to the stage the idea is that you are seeing through the guitarist’s eyes and it’s fantastic as you interact with the fans and it makes you just want to rock out and If you perform well the crowd will cheer you on all day and night but Play badly and they’ll react accordingly. One other thing I noticed is the camera swings to a close up view of the most loyal fans I thought this was a nice special touch.

As usual on Guitar hero the songs on offer will be subjective but there’s plenty to offer and enjoy there is just over Forty-two songs featured on disc as “GH Live” songs, and over two hundred more available on GHTV at launch.


GHTV was developed by Activision as a better means to provide new songs to Xbox players through a round-the-clock content platform, rather than relying on scheduled downloadable content like before it also allows the company to provide a much larger quantity of songs, On starting the GHTV mode you(the player) is given a choice of a number of channels which broadcast playable songs curated programs on a set schedule similar to a radio broadcast.

One such channel always present new songs that have been added to Guitar Hero TV. Songs in Guitar Hero TV are played over the music video for the song or live concert footage of the band playing the song, instead of the custom visuals for the main single player game. you the player can pick up and play on any song that is being shown,

The songs featured on disk and GHTV are a mixed of everything and should suit everyone. Here is a few but remember this is only a ‘sample’ of what you can play there is alot more then this.

  • 2012 “45” The Gaslight Anthem GH Live Alternative
    2008 “A-Punk” Vampire Weekend GHTV Indie Rock
    2009 “According to You” Orianthi GHTV Modern Rock
    1993 “Are You Gonna Go My Way” Lenny Kravitz GHTV Hard Rock
    2004 “Before I Forget” Slipknot GHTV Nu-Metal
    2013 “Berzerk” Eminem GH Live Hip-Hop
    2014 “Best Day of My Life” American Authors GHTV Indie Rock
    2014 “Better Than It Ever Could Be” The Preatures GHTV Indie Rock
    2013 “Bitter Rivals” Sleigh Bells GHTV Rock
    2014 “Black Me Out” Against Me! GHTV Punk
    1971 “Won’t Get Fooled Again” The Who GH Live Classic Rock
    2013 “You Can’t Be My Girl” Darwin Deez GHTV Indie Rock
    2006 “You Know I’m No Good” Amy Winehouse GHTV Pop Rock
    2013 “You Wanna Know” Don Broco GHTV Alternative

Time to rock like these guys on the trailer I think…..

Overall. I’m really pleased Guitar Hero is back and with the new modes it brings a fresh part of the game to go with the old. The guitar included is simply stunning and worth the buy alone the only problem is once you click it together there is no going back.

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  • 8/10
    Gameplay - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Graphics - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Sound - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Longevity - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Value - 9/10


Guitar Hero is back and LIVE this time around after a few years it’s worth a buy again. Good job Activision.

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  • 03/11/2015 at 11:48 pm

    Guitar Hero Live is one of those games that I got into as a kid, your review makes me happy in many ways, keep it up

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