Xbox 360 Games With Gold Titles Backwards Compatible Starting This Month

Starting this month, all Xbox 360 games included with Games with Gold will be backwards compatible with Xbox One. This means Xbox One owners with an Xbox Live subscription will be getting 4 free games a month. There are two ways to redeem the current free Xbox 360 titles. You can either claim them on your 360 console if you have one, or head over to and redeem them on the site. Once redeemed, they will show up in your ready to download section on your Xbox One.

However, soon you might be able to browse and buy Xbox 360 titles on Xbox One. When Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra was asked if there were plans to update the Xbox One store with 360 games, this was his response.

Mike Ybarra Tweet

So even though nothing is certain, it seems it is something Mike and the team at Xbox are working towards. This would be another welcomed addition and would also make redeeming Xbox 360 games that are included with Games with Gold, a lot easier to redeem and download.

Backwards Compatible Xbox 360 games will be available to download and play when the New Xbox One Experience update lands on November 12th. This also includes the 360 Games with Gold for November, so don’t forget to grab them.

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