Xbox One’s Elite Controller Get’s A Forza 6 Custom Concept

Microsoft’s Xbox hardware team has created a stunning custom Xbox One Elite Controller concept, themed around the new Ford GT. If you are a Forza fan you will know that it is the car featured on the box of Forza Motorsport 6. The controller concept sports a “liquid blue” design, just like the new Ford GT itself. The design itself goes much further than just the colour, if you look closely the controller’s triggers have been designed to look like gas and brake pedals.

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“On the subtle side this concept features carbon fiber in parts of the case to add strength and lightness,” Ford said. “Also the Ford GT steering wheel provided direction on the shape and ergonomic positioning of the invaluable left thumbstick as well as paddles for shifting that mimic the design of the Ford GT’s.”

“The battery (Sorry, no EcoBoost here) housing has a clear design to represent the rear glass above the engine of the Ford GT,” it added. “Last, but definitely not least the trigger buttons which act as your gas and brake pedals have been modified with the look of the GTs pedals. This is a design exercise that went to extraordinary lengths to be as true to the all-new Ford GT as possible and it does not disappoint.”

But before you get too excited for this, don’t be! This is a concept and you will probably not be able to buy this, it has been described as a “one-off design exercise” on the part of the Xbox hardware team. This really does make me sad to think it might never get released. Don’t get me wrong the special edition Forza Motorsport 6 wireless controller is great but compared to this concept, it is no fair race!

I want to hear your thoughts on this beauty, so comment away. Would you buy this controller if it was made available to purchase? In my opinion no matter how much it would cost, I would definitely purchase it! If you would like to stay up to date with any more news regarding New Xbox One Controller Concepts, Forza Motorsport 6 or just Xbox itself, you can do this by keeping it locked with us over on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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3 thoughts on “Xbox One’s Elite Controller Get’s A Forza 6 Custom Concept”

  1. Stewebabe says:

    if you have a console that last long enough that is .

  2. DAMON says:

    Let’s see how long my FM6 bundle lasts b4 it stops working it’s my 2nd xb1-12mth their designed to stop working I’ve had the same happn 2 evry Xbox to date it’s a scam MRDOTHADO that’s me true events got all consoles still boxed to prove it

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