The Golden Rules Of Gaming

We all know about these but there isn’t a book written about them, it’s like a secret code that only gamers will understand and obey by. I am talking about the ‘Golden Rules Of Gaming’, guidelines if you like about the do’s and dont’s which we all understand.

The console owners gets first pick

Player 1

This golden rule applies to almost everything: the best controller, the first pick of the teams, which character they play as, where they sit etc. Poor old player 2 normally gets a controller like the one above, sits in the awkward position on the uncomfortable chair and normally gets the lesser popular choice of team or character. It’s just one of those things, but rules are rules.

Waiting for your turn

My Turn

This can be linked into the previous rule, the current player will hand the controller over once the level, match, boss or race is finished. This rule does have a clause in it though, the current player can use the WTF excuse and retry. This could be one of a number of reasons and they range from acceptable to outright stupid, it sucks waiting for your turn but good things come to those who wait.

There’s always time for …..


I know this rule very well, I’m pretty sure you do too. When you’re close to solving a group of puzzles, on a good streak or made it to the final – you always have time for just one more. There’s always that voice in your head saying the responsible things, but it wont take long to do the next bit will it.

No distractions


We don’t like it when it happens to us, so don’t do it to fellow gamers. Yes – that video you just found might be the funniest one yet but that’s not a reason to show someone mid-game, just wait until a safe time or a checkpoint has been reached.



By all means you have to have a laugh and a joke, but don’t become a troll and insult people. There’s a difference between saying you suck but good game and saying you’re such a noob and you need to give up now, plus I find especially in sports games that banter makes the fun ten times better so have a bit of friendly banter but know the limits.

Get out of the way


This one is as simple as it comes, move it or lose it if you’re in the way. A gamer needs a view of the whole screen and if they say move, then you move without hesatation or question. Also as a side note to this one, don’t walk inbetween a gamer and the screen – limbo if you have to cross as blocking the view is a big NO NO.



One of the biggest things for gaming is having your own profile, general rule of thumb is only you get to play or adjust it. My daughter changed my avatar to a multi-coloured cartoon character once, never again did she play in my profile. It sounds cliche but you are you, this applies to profiles too.

There you are guys and girls, seven golden rules of gaming. They need to be adhered to at all times as remember, you wouldn’t want people to break them when you’re gaming. Also if you know of anymore that you live by, let us know in the comments and I’ll add them into the next chapter of ‘The Golden Rules Of Gaming’.

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