Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 2 Review

Thankfully we were not made to wait too long after playing the first episode of Telltale Game’s newest episodic adventure Minecraft Story Mode until the next instalment.

Firstly the below may contain some spoiler’s, so you have been warned! Secondly, if you haven’t read our review of the first episode then Click Here.

At the end of the last episode we finished with Jessie and the gang heading off to find and reunite the members of The Order of The Stone, to help put an end to the enormous Wither Storm which was unleashed unto the world by the fifth and never mentioned in legends member, Ivor. In the second chapter of our story, time is running out. The Wither Storm looms ever closer, consuming everything in its wake. Depending on their decisions, Jesse and friends are off to explore either kingdoms of chaos or wondrous Redstone marvels in search of Magnus the Rogue, the orders ‘Griefer’ who has a penchant for exploding things or Ellegaard the legendary redstone engineer, the only remaining known members of The Order of the Stone.

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I decided to try to find Ellegaard so ended up at a Redstone engineering competition taking place to find her some new apprentices….

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The first few chapters of the episode differ depending on who you decided to follow, after this though both options end up at the same point with you being reunited with all your friends and the other member of the Order you didn’t choose to go after. This was slightly disappointing to me and left me with a ‘oh so it didn’t really matter what one I picked’ feeling.  Hey, I like to feel my choices matter!

The gameplay was similar to the first episode in regards to having some quicktime events, battle scenes and conversation choices. The conversations were sometimes more extended in places than in the first episode, as talking to the people at the competition wasn’t timed meaning you could ask all the questions. You also got to choose what weapon to use in some of the combat sequences, either a sword or bow and arrow, which was a nice touch.

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Graphics as in the first episode were great with amazing detail and scale. Voice acting continued to be fantastic, but I wish we got to talk and develop the friendships a bit more between Jessie and her gang.

Because you have the choice in the previous episode to go off to look for one member of The Order of The Stone and as such only see one path of your choice unless you do another play through, the second episode is shorter than the first. You end with a long fighting sequence of dodging and attacking, which was the most action packed part of the game, but there were no choices to make at the end that affect the next episode, just a ‘next time on’ and it kind of left me feeling less excited for the next episode than last time.

Check out the launch trailer for the second episode below –

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A speedy release for the second episode in this episodic series was great for expectant fans, but it almost feels a little rushed and lacking in content compared to the first episode. Still a good game for Minecraft lovers and Telltale fans, but I’m hoping the next episode involves more story with the friends and more important feeling choices with direct consequences.

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