Gamer Habits ….. Gamer Rage?

There is a phenomenon experienced by gamers that we have all felt at some point. It’s that point were we feel the tears start to build behind our eyes, when we feel our blood vessels pounding and all we see is red. At this moment our friends or loved ones will look at us and say something like “I don’t know why you play that if you hate it so much” or “why don’t you just turn the Xbox off?” They will never understand. The phenomenon I speak of is of course gamer rage.

Sometimes every gamer will rage at the same point in a game, an element of that game will be deliberately designed to be infuriating. Other times it will be a boss that for some reason seems impossible to beat until you discover that little trick that makes this four headed giant radioactive zombie a push over. Sometimes it’s something so insignificant we are ashamed to admit it, even to ourselves. Come on, we’ve all spent over half an hour trying to make a jump that a five year old could do with their eyes closed and one leg behind their backs.angrywoman

There are entire franchises designed solely to destroy the soul of the gamer. Dark Souls is one of these, a game that I am only a tiny bit ashamed to admit I have never finished, or really started to be honest. It was just to hard for me, and I raged at it. A lot. Another game franchise that has made me rage beyond anything that is reasonable for a grown man is the Trials series. But unlike Dark Souls these are games that I love, and I love them because of how they make me rage.

This is a peculiar aspect of gamer rage. We can be so angry that we scream at our TV’s or even throw controllers across the room (the original Assassins Creed did this to me and my poor Xbox 360 controller) but we will still come back for more. For some people this is the reason that they play games, to rage, to scream and shout, to get all of their anger out. But also because getting past a part of the game that has made you rage brings with it a feeling of accomplishment that is hard to rival.brokencontroller

I bet by now you are thinking of at least one game that has made you feel embarrassed about how angry you got. We all have them and we keep these games and feelings hidden like dark little secrets. But we shouldn’t be ashamed of these secrets, it is these moments and the fact that we have got past them that makes us gamers a special breed, our levels of perseverance. Not everyone can spend so much time repeating the same task so many times, it takes a special kind of masochist.

There is a certain type of gaming that brings with it a very unique kind of gamer rage. That is online gaming, or more specifically, player Vs player gaming. The anger that playing against another person can induce is actually frightening. We conjure threats that would make the most hardened person blush.  What brings about this anger can be a whole host of things, competitiveness, anger at our own mistakes or lack of ability or just plain frustration at playing against an eight year old who insists on crouching over you every time he kills you, and he kills you a lot.limbo

Now I think it only fair that I share with you some of the games that have made me a bubbling mess of rage. The games that first come to mind are Trials, Limbo, Badlands and Assassins Creed. I could go on but I don’t think any of us has time to read a list that is quite that long.

So there’s my secret, and now it’s your turn. Let us now in the comments section which games made you rage the hardest. What have you broken in your moments of game induced madness?

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4 thoughts on “Gamer Habits ….. Gamer Rage?

  • 01/11/2015 at 10:46 am

    Sometimes its not the game which causes me rage, but the other players on it ‘Call of Duty’ when people lie down in rooms to kill me, players or always seek out the least geared character to kill over and over again- if I cant jump something after I few goes, then I’m afraid I’m out of there…..

  • 01/11/2015 at 1:28 pm

    Fifa, for me there has never been a game I have both hated and loved more. Offline is fine but as soon as you play head to head, pro clubs or even the dreaded ultimate team I think ea installed something that’s called “be a **** at all times”

  • 02/11/2015 at 7:25 am

    I havent really raged since the 90s and playing super mario bros 3 i admit Limbo got me angry but ive never thrown a fit. Maybe if i raged at games id shout an get angry less at myself.

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