EA Access More Than Doubled In Last Two Quarters

Well this might come under no surprise to EA Access subscribers but the Xbox One’s subscription gaming service is delivering very strong, EA said this during their earnings call for the 2nd quarter of fiscal year 2016.

They said that  ‘Subscribers has More Than Doubled In Last Two Quarters’

EA’s subscription-based gaming service was initially pitched to both Microsoft and Sony. Sony however declined to make the service available for PS4 something they might regret now.


Thankfully for us it’s been a massive success story the service launched exclusively for Xbox One on August 11th 2014

And at the moment it has a total of over 20 games, including big titles such as Titanfall, Battlefield Hardline, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Apart from being able to access a large number of titles for a monthly fee users are able to purchase digital EA titles with a 10% discount, and you get to play a 10 hour ‘trial’ of the full game before release.

So the real question is… Do you subscribe to EA Access? What do you think of the service?

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2 thoughts on “EA Access More Than Doubled In Last Two Quarters”

  1. Moat says:

    I initially got it for my sons, but I enjoy it as well. For the price of half of a normally priced game I get a years worth of playable games. Waiting to see how fast their titles hit the shelves but I think it’s great, at least for now

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