The Technomancer: First Contact Trailer Released

Spiders and Focus Home Interactive have released the first real trailer for their upcoming RPG The Technomancer.

The trailer gives us a first look at the world of The Technomancer as well as learning about the three different combat styles.

  • Staff: Highly mobile long-ranged melee to hit multiple targets.
  • Rogue with knife and gun: Agile, mobile, with dodges, rolls, and effective CC with the gun.
  • Protection with mace and shield: Parry, block, and beat them to death with powerful attacks!

Each of the combat styles can be given electrical Technomancer powers that increases their power.technomancer1

In the trailer you see Zachariah exploring the markets and shanties of Noctis. Noctis is one of the main towns of Mars where the new cultures and clans continuously fight for power and influence.

It’s not all about the combat. There is a deep, modular crafting system changing the visible and active qualities of clothing and weapons from items you find on Mars. Mars is a world of conflict and war, with many different cultures and factions and the games weapons and clothing reflect this, as do the make-shift weapons and armor.

There is a skill tree where you can customise your combat skills and passive abilities to suit your play style. You will also be able to improve your three combat styles with the XP and level steps that you take.

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