Games & Scores, Quality over Quantity?

Following on from Gamespot’s interview with Aaron Greenberg earlier in the week, (which we covered HERE), where the Microsoft Marketing Lead stating it was the “Quality” of the title that they were prioritising over, we have gone ahead and looked at the aggregate score for Xbox One titles along with looking at the number of games available for the system. Is it really the case of Quality over Quantity? I will be running the numbers against the direct competition in the PS4 as the most viable option.

Looking at the numbers, specifically on Metacritic, they cast a small shadow over this, with the top 20 titles on PS4 Garnishing a score of 90.6 average and Xbox One garnishing a score of 88.7 average. Very small margins, but overall the PS4 does score higher.

This number continues into the unique titles for each console, with the Xbox One Exclusives averaging a score of 84.6 (top 10 titles) and the PS4 exclusives averaging a score of 88.3 (top 10 titles).

So on the face of everything, so far to date, Sony have a higher aggregate score on top 20 titles average and top 10 console exclusives.

However, when you look at arguably the top 5 games released in recent times on both consoles, it gets interesting with scores.

GTA5 – Xbox One (97) – PS4 (97)

MGS5 – Xbox One (95) – PS4 (93)

Witcher 3 – Xbox One (91) – PS4 (92)

Destiny the Taken King – Xbox One (90) – PS4 (85)

Middle Earth – Xbox One (85) – PS4 (84)

What was interesting with these figures is MGS a typical Sony exclusive and something heralded as one of theirs along with Destiny The Taken King with all of its PS4 exclusive content and money thrown at Bungie by Sony both lost out in scores for their console version. With only the Witcher 3 scoring higher out of the biggest 5 released games recently.

In relation to the Quality over Quantity argument, according to the 2 Wikipedia pages, which can be found HERE and HERE. Sony has 810 games either released or coming soon, whereas Microsoft has 495, a huge difference here. It would certainly appear that MS is certainly going for a smaller pool of titles scoring potentially higher (many games due to be released still)

So what are your thoughts? Do you agree with Microsoft’s approach of having a smaller pool of titles, less purchased exclusives from 3rd party developers and concentrating on their own studio and 1st party support or should they be going hell for leather and throwing their money at anyone that will listen, much like they were doing during the Xbox 360 days, let us know in the comments below.

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