Black Ops 3 Announces NukeTown Map Details And More

BlackOps Friday finished yesterday, with the final instalment showing off the new Nuketown. The map has been revamped in Black Ops 3 with a more futuristic take than the previous version.

“We wanted to keep the magic that makes Nuketown, Nuketown,” said Adam Hogatt, level designer for Black Ops 3. “We made some changes; the centre of the map is a lot bigger making it easier to get around. There’s also a wall run on the front of the map that has a high risk, high reward for players.”

The developers also had some more maps to show to fans. The first new map showed off was called Breach. Taking the fight to the rooftops was the focal point. Metro is designed for competitive play and has two trains that run down the middle. The trains will kill players if they get caught off guard. The developers said they will give players the ability to slide under if they can time it just right. Havoc has this huge warship that crashed down that can obstruct other players view. Exodus is a more of classic map.

You can get access to the new and improved Nuketown map buy pre-ordering Black Ops 3. The game releases on November 6th.

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