Frank O’Connor defends Halo 5 Criticism

Halo 5 is a huge franchise that most gamers know and love, after some criticism that Halo 5’s story was a beautifully crafted “play it safe” for 343 Frank O’Connor Halo’s franchise director spoke to Time in regards to this, heres what he had to say:

It’s totally a fair conversation to have, and I can’t disagree with how you felt about the game, you felt the way you felt,” says O’Connor, responding to my critique of Master Chief, the series’ icon, as an emotionally blank cipher for players. “It’s a tension that we’ve had, and something I’ve spoken about many times in the past, the fact that Chief is a vessel into which you pour your heroism.”

“I think the difference in Halo 5 is that there are eight people you have to do that with, and for them to not simply be clones of the Chief moving around in that space, we had to properly characterize them. And that meant, because it ends up being more of a social experience, we had to make sure that the characters were actually reflecting each other and not simply ignoring each other.”

“That said, this is a long running issue we’ve had with the Chief. Over the years, people have grafted their own feelings about the Chief onto the Chief. And sometimes that’s meant, like in your case, holding him as a sort of paragon of useful emptiness. And I think that’s a completely fair way to approach this character.”

“But we’ve also got lot of other players who, maybe they’ve read the books, maybe they’ve just followed the games very closely, and they’ve projected their ideals about heroism onto the Chief, and actually given him far more personality than we ever have. So I’m not contradicting anything you’re saying, I’m just explaining the intent, and we certainly have got opinions contrary to yours, of people who enjoy that, and there are definitely Master Chief fans who’ve been literally asking for this.”

There you have, is Halo 5 just a stepping stone to Halo 6? let us know what you thought about Hal 5’s story in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Frank O’Connor defends Halo 5 Criticism”

  1. loved the campaign finished on normal to get the intel, will replay on legendary

  2. Chill3will says:

    good game. Mp is best part tho. Campaign was awesome for first half. Went downhill from there

  3. Macintosh says:

    Spoiler Alert? ‘Cuz I’m plaiyng only chapter 7!

  4. JRG says:

    I thought the game was ok. It was still a lot of fun to play, but I just hope they make some improvements with Halo 6

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