Bungie Weekly Update

This week at Bungie they are bringing Osiris back.

After much talk and anticipation, along with an unexpected delay to bring Nightstalker shenanigans under control, the battle for the Lighthouse is about to resume.

By very stark contrast, if you don’t want to fight the PvP Elite, you’re still invited to dance. Festival of the Lost is upon us. Have you been to the Tower? Like what Bungie done with the place?

There’s plenty to celebrate and discuss this week. Let’s unmask all the details about what is afoot in the world of Destiny

Time To Try Harder

Brother Vance has been idle in the Reef for too long. This morning, Trials of Osiris will resume. Be ready for action on Friday, October 30th at 10AM Pacific. Since its hiatus during the launch of The Taken King, Bungie have talked about how this competitive event will be different in Year Two. If you missed the Patch Notes for Update 2.0.1, here are the bullets Bungie aimed at the PvP endgame:

Trials of Osiris

  • Requires a minimum Character Level of 40
  • Requires a minimum Light of 251; Recommended Light is 290
  • Winning teams now receive Trials gear rewards directly at the end-of-match completion
  • Players that go undefeated on their Passage will continue to be invited to The Lighthouse
  • Players may continue to play in the Trials past 9 wins (but rewards are maxed out at 9 wins)
  • Trials Passages now have a Details page containing your Boons
    • Player must now purchase Boons from the Details page on their Passage instead of from Brother Vance
    • Boons can no longer be applied to Trials passages after starting a run
  • Trials gear can be purchased from Brother Vance (including some items found at the Lighthouse)
  • Brother Vance now has Bounties that award Legendary Marks
  • Crucible Bounties can now also be completed in Trials of Osiris
  • Matchmaking has been updated to make it more competitive to reach The Lighthouse

Them’s the facts. If you want a more philosophical explanation of the goals for the competitive event, Bungie have scared up Senior Designer Derek Carroll to share some thoughts about our hopes and dreams for your next trial.

Derek: The original design for Trials of Osiris employed no skill-matching whatsoever. Instead of expecting teams to win roughly 50% of their games (the goal of most matchmaking systems), you’d expect above-average teams to win and below-average teams to lose. While this was generally interesting, one of the side-effects was that a capable team could breeze though a field of challengers to reach the Lighthouse without really breaking a sweat. PvP Sherpas were even conducting Lighthouse safaris for players who couldn’t get there under their own power.

Tomorrow, we’re hoping you’ll find the competition a little fiercer. With the changes we’ve made to matchmaking, there will be a greater chance that the other team will be on the same rung as the ladder as you, making your climb to 9-0 much more meaningful, and those last few matches much more fun for everyone. Well, almost everyone. Half of everyone?
With greater risk will come even greater reward. For those of you who can go the distance, we’ll be dropping endgame gear that will rival the Light of those Guardians who have been defeating Oryx in King’s Fall Hard Mode. Because we’re dropping the gear into the end-of-match stream, you’ll be able to lord your rewards over the losing team.

Will you be the final boss for another PvP warrior? As always, the arena for this week will be revealed at game time. See you in the Reef. Bring your Passage Coins, and a team to revive you when the chips are down.

Ghosts and Goblins

The spirit of the season has bathed the City in the warm glow of celebration. Eva has a present for each and every one of you, along with a costume to help you join the party. We even have candy! Come and get some.

The new seasonal loot on display in the Tower (and beyond) can be earned as rewards for playing Destiny. For a path of lesser resistance, there is also the Eververse Trading Company. They’ll even teach you some new moves to help you embody the spooky occasion.

Those masks you can keep. As for the in-game versions? Unless you lovingly apply some glue to cement your favorite items as Legendary, they’ll all become memories on November 9th, when the Festival of the Lost becomes a fixture of the past.

Don’t Be Afraid
If you’re lost in the dark, you always have Destiny Player Support to light the way. Let them be your guide when you encounter an issue that scares you back up to orbit – or worse!
DPS: In your search for candy and masks as part of the limited-time Festival of the Lost event, there are a few pieces of vital information worth noting:
  • Please ensure your active character has ample Gear slots and Postmaster space before opening multiple Treasures/Gifts of the Lost to avoid any loss of items.
  • To display a Mask in social spaces (Tower, Reef), please ensure HELMET setting “Always On” is active in the Settings menu.
  • Festival of the Lost Emotes and Treasures of the Lost will no longer be available for purchase at the Eververse Trading Co. once the event has ended.
  • Stay on the road. Keep clear of the moors.
All available information on Festival of the Lost can be found on the Guided Support page and FAQ.
If you plan to compete for Brother Vance’s offerings, be sure to visit him in the Reef before beginning your Trials run(s). Take heed that Vance’s boons/consumables have changed and will need to be applied before the first match. You can read all available Trials of Osiris information on the Bungie recently updated FAQ.

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