Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege To Have Microtransaction’s

Ubisoft has announced what some thought was inevitable, Rainbow Six: Siege will have Microtransaction’s. Being an only online multiplayer game this has become the norm but as this way of getting more out of us gamers becomes even bigger is it creating a massive area of concern? mobile gaming  has set the stage for microtransaction’s in a big way and because of that we are now under constant bombardment from publishers like Activision and Ubisoft to purchase these add on’s for customization, map packs and in game content. The argument has been quite fierce with no sign of publishers letting up any time soon, lets be honest £45-£50 a pop clearly isn’t enough these days!!


As gaming becomes even more of a centre stage to entertainment this monopoly factor has increased 10 fold. going back to mobile gaming, Facebook has really cornered the market on microtransaction’s with titles like Farmville and Candy Crush that are free-to-play titles allowing gamers to purchase credits, power ups and materials.I get why these games have them as it cost’s us nothing to purchase these titles and the revenue needs to come from somewhere but as a whole I see them as poison in an already lucrative business. This business model is clever and by the looks of it very addictive. They may not have known it at the start what microtransactions would evolve into and generate, as the pounds came rolling in the band wagon turned into a bus and by now a multimillion fleet of buses with some very happy publishers and owners. Gaming publishers like Activision started releasing map pack’s and weapons skins for the famous Call Of Duty franchise and since then the console industry has been awash with these ever increasing microtransaction’s. Very recently Bungie’s Destiny has also joined in on the band wagon with it’s dance moves as microtransactions that surprise, surprise is published by Activision. So we are now in a world full of these mini purchases that might not seem alot but add them up over a year and I can guarantee you have spent more than the game was originally worth.

Mobile analytics company Flurry reported on July 7, 2011, that based on its research, the revenue from free-to-play games had overtaken revenue from premium games. EA’s Corporate Vice President Peter Moore speculated in June 2012 that within five-to-ten years, all games will have transitioned to the microtransaction model expressed his belief that all games will eventually be free-to-play. lets hope there is some give and take because at the minute its just a take take model.

Microtransaction’s are a dominant force in the gaming market, should we have to pay to increase our gaming experience after already paying full price for a game these day’s?? Leave your comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege To Have Microtransaction’s”

  1. Imhotep says:

    why??????it’s just a way for rubbish players to get unlocks early lol

  2. Finn says:

    @Toadsanime another one!!!

  3. Not surprised! Mind you, I thought the BETA was terrible so won’t be going near this game.

  4. Stuart says:

    They are just taking the p*ss by bringing these out as if £40-£50 isn’t enough for a game and are trying to get as much money off you as they can

  5. Adam says:

    officially not getting that game, microtransactions and no story? Still at $60, don’t rip me off ubicrap.

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