Grand Theft Auto Online’s “Lowriders” Update Will Destroy Your Virtual Wallet.

Grand Theft Auto Online’s free content keeps coming with the “Lowriders” update, but it sounds like the free content will still cost your virtual wallet, big time. While the new vehicles are cheap, upgrades and customization for these vehicles will eat up all those virtual dollars you’ve earned through your various nefarious activities.

Just take a look at this image below of the vehicle upgrades and how much they cost in Benny’s compiled by redditor u/WhiteMilk_.


That is a lot of menus folks. I barely customize my cars, I like to keep it simple. I’m yet to return to GTA Online since this update, but my online wallet took a massive hit when I bought all those super cool looking skins for my weapons that came from the Ill-Gotten Gains updates.

One post on the Grand Theft Auto V Subreddit lists the base conversion rate for some lowriders as $400k to begin with which is already an insane amount of money. That same post details the upgrades and comes to a total of $1,675,000 to upgrade the Buccaneer vehicle. I’m not sure I’ve even earned that much in my total GTA Online career, let alone holding more than a third of that at any given time. I’m really bad with money, both virtual and real life.

Aside from the insanely expensive customization options, GTA Online’s Lowriders update adds two new weapons, three new adversary modes, The Scene Creator and multiple customization options for your GTA Online character alongside the new Lowrider vehicles. Either way, it sounds like the Lowriders update is a wallet eater. Better get heisting or pulling out your real wallet and buying some of those Shark Cards if you want to take full advantage of the Lowriders update and roll around the streets of Los Santos with style. I’ll stick to my Dominator though, thanks.


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