All Preview Members Getting New Dash NXOE Soon

Are you one of those that are in the preview program but still haven’t chosen to upgrade to the new dashboard with the New Xbox One Experience (NXOE)? Or have you maybe just not gotten the chance yet? If you are, Microsoft is now planning on moving all members of the program to the NXOE. You can still however choose to opt out, but doing that will take you out of the preview program totally.

preview opt1

With the NXOE, there’s been a bunch of problems reported such as games failing to launch, apps not working properly and so on. There is however no update from Microsoft if this list of issues has been looked over and how much has been fixed, so accepting might put your Xbox One at risk of not launching all your games properly.

The NXOE looks amazing however, and will grant you faster navigation on your dashboard along with a few other things that can be read about here and here.

So, with this information in hand, will you choose to stay in the program or will you opt out? Leave your comments down below.

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3 thoughts on “All Preview Members Getting New Dash NXOE Soon”

  1. I want mine again. Got the new Halo 5 console. Only have the new UI on my old one

  2. how do i become a preview member?

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