Destiny Red Bull codes arrive in the UK

Buy special packs in Asda to unlock Red Bull Quest and get bonus XP.

From 22 October, players can buy special packs of Red Bull in Asda stores to get hold of a code that will give them access to the exclusive quest and grant them Bonus XP for a limited time.

Here’s the pack you’ll need. Scroll down for how it works.

A picture of the Destiny Red Bull 4 pack
Get your Destiny code in special Red Bull 4-packs© Red Bull

What is the Red Bull Quest?

The Red Bull Quest is a special quest in the brilliant new Destiny game, The Taken King. To play it you need a code found in special packs of Red Bull. This code enables fans who own Destiny and Destiny: The Taken King to play through a quest that will test their speed and strategic abilities in new ways.

Red Bull gives you Bonus XP!

The code will also grant players Focused Light, a one-time consumable Bonus XP buff which increases all experience gain by 50% for a period of 30 minutes. Each specially-marked Destiny Edition Red Bull 4-pack at Asda includes a code, and while multiple codes can be redeemed, only one code can be used at a time. Once redeemed, Focused Light appears as an in-game message at the Postmaster vendor. You need to ensure you have free Postmaster slots before redeeming multiple codes to avoid losing Postmaster items.

How to get your Destiny Red Bull code in the UK

If you want to unlock the Red Bull Quest in Destiny: The Taken King, you’ll have to buy a specially marked Destiny Edition Red Bull 4-pack, available in Asda stores across the UK from October 22. You’ll find the code in the pack. The codes will also be available on purchase of the energy 4-pack in Game, and can be collected from the till in-store from November 9.

How to redeem your Destiny Red Bull code

Enter your code on

Once your Red Bull code has been redeemed, you’ll be re-directed to a page to apply it to your account. You need to ensure the account shown matches your Destiny game account before applying the code.

How to access the Red Bull Quest

You need a level 40 character and you must complete the final mission of Destiny: The Taken King. Then you need to go to the Tower Hangar where Amanda Holliday will offer you the Make the Vanguard Smile quest. Accept it and you’re in!

Credit: Tom East @ RedBull

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