Destiny- Loot From Raids Limited


Bungie have offered a little bit of information for people who were confused why they weren’t getting loot for the raids that they were doing in Destiny.

Players can only claim loot from a raid once a week in each mode. this means if you replay a raid more than once in a week you won’t be rewarded the second time. There are separate loot tables for the normal and hard game modes, meaning that you can either do the raids and receive the loot once for each mode or combine them by completing the hard mode.

A checkpoint exists for each boss killed giving activity specific loot. You can also complete each mode with separate characters and receive the loot each time.Destiny_HOW_trials_of_osiris_FI

Progress can be tracked using a progress tracker found at where they can see which bosses have been looted each week. No matter how many times you complete the raids in a week you will continue to receive experience and engram drops for normal activities.

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