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Bedlam is a really awesome and funny game to play. The core ideas are great, the interesting and inspired environments, the gun play which gives you a nineties game feel are ridiculously accurate, frustratingly omniscient AI, and jumping puzzles all add up to a fantastic game experience with some great gaming moments!


I really enjoyed this game. The idea of going on a journey through the history of gaming within a game is great and one of the reasons I loved the Evoland level, is because I feel that its the type of game I would no longer play so this teaches me where my gaming habits came from. This romp-through-gaming-history is what also drew me to Bedlam. Here, the early FPS genre is being to perfection, which I thought would be highly hilarious to revisit. However, the great premise, witty humour and writing in the early parts of the game, and even the Scottish female protagonist truly made the experience better.The graphics and gun play in the early parts of the game are very basic, but the humour of the situation and the voice exchanges between the protagonist and other game characters were enough to keep me amused and interested to see where things would go.


The second game world that is explored seems even more fun than the last (if at all possible). Lots of streets full of buildings, blown up cars and enemies, I enjoyed this world more than the first because of its setting and environment.Speaking of AI, let me just say this: At all times, as long as you are within a certain radius of the enemies, they will know exactly where you are, even if that happens to be up 3 flights of stairs or behind cover. They are also incredible marksmen and will never miss a target if it stands still for even a split second. This grew annoying but gave me a really good challenge, Things actually get progressively more challenging as the enemies gain access to better weapons making Bedlam step in the right direction, FPS games these days have become way to simple unless your playing online multiplayer.

Oh and about those weapons! Alright, don’t let anyone tell you there is no such thing as having too many weapons. This game proves that, beyond a doubt, you should not have access to every weapon you’ve come across at any point in time. Not only is it terribly difficult to choose a weapon in later stages of Bedlam due to the overwhelming number you have, it is also terribly confusing as to which weapons are more or less powerful than one another. This also added to the level of difficulty when you are being overwhelmed by enemies. Now back to the game universes.. I honestly think the games of which the developer has put into Bedlam has been really thought about, What the player and old players have played in the past. Okay, the one ‘low gravity’ Unreal-Tournament-inspired level was fun to play, and actually quite hilarious as the voices of angry teens mocked or reacted to my actions. I’d also give props to the 3D Packman-inspired level as that was one of the best in my opinion.


The game world that annoyed me the most would probably have to be the ‘void’ that lay outside of all the game universes you visit. Its this weird fractured landscape that introduces platform jumping puzzles, and really shines a light on just how bad such a thing is inside an FPS game. Sure, there are probably one or two first person games that do this relatively well, but they are the exceptions to a rule. However, Bedlam goes one step further here by introducing a delay between the button-press and the actual jump. Yes, the character actually takes one extra step before jumping, which meant a lot of falling off obstacles to my death. It wouldn’t be so bad if this was done only once or twice in the game, or it didn’t reset to the beginning of the level, but unfortunately this mechanic is used and reused and becomes a major problem especially on the final levels. Learn to save often if you find yourself braving these areas of the game

Bedlam has a fun concept. It has good writing and humour in the game. It has a decent voice actress. And it has many fun levels. 90’s gun play, AI, level design, and yes jumping puzzles all hamper the experience and make it an overly fun and somewhat ridiculous game to play. I’d suggest getting it for a lot of laughs.

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One thought on “Bedlam Review”

  1. I’ve tried the beta of this game a few times at various EGX shows and always found it a fun 15 mins distraction. I’ve only played the Doom setting and as much as I enjoyed it there were a few things I would change:

    • It’s probably because I’ve become used to the fps of the modern day but the tracking felt too fast as the reticle was often flying across the screen and it made aiming quite challenging. Perhaps there are option for this in the final game?

    •It would be better if the enemies missed you once in a while or if you could play in a more stealthy way to have time to line up a shot before they notice you.

    * I also agree that a clue as to how powerful a weapon is would also be a plus especially since there are so many.

    Overall its a great little indie and is definitely on my list of games to download.

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