Dying Light – New DLC Heading Our Way

Even more ways of making the dead stay dead

Who here loves nothing more than killing a few zombies, I think it’s a safe bet we all have this guilty pleasure – all be it a bit twisted. So how good is the news from ‘Techland’ that the new DLC titled ‘The Following’ is available in early 2016, time to get your ultimate anti zombie techniques polished up. I can hear you all saying this now “What more can be added to Dying Light?”, well here is lead designer Maciej Binkowski to explain:

“We adapt all the AI, giving enemies new behaviours to keep pace with you – you’re not only running, but you’re driving. The basic approach is that if you keep moving you’re relatively safe, but the moment you stop you’ll find yourself surrounded. We’ve adapted all the enemy types so they can approach you in this new way – they know about your better mobility so they’re going to push you in a different direction.”

So, not only do we get the addition of vehicles in this DLC we also face a new breed of smart zombies. This for me is a welcome addition, as Maciej stated if you keep moving you’re pretty much safe. Not anymore though, these zombies use what little brain they have left and now know how to attack you better. Maciej also adds:

“You need to keep a car nearby, and you can customise the car with special UV lights on it, so you’re able to turn it into a mobile safe zone. at least as long as you have fuel to keep it running…”


There’s no specific date set for ‘The Following’ as yet but as mentioned above, it should touch down in early 2016. ‘Techland’ sent this tweet out to keep us all up to speed, sounds like we are all in for something special:

Is this something you have been hoping for, new content and a much harder challenge in the zombie classic ‘Dying Light’ – let us know in the comments.

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