Wasteland 2 Directors Cut Review

What a long awaited game for those of us that are old enough to remember the original version of wasteland from 1988, One of the early PC games to be released but not forgotten. Until Wasteland, no other CRPG had ever allowed players to control and command individual party members for tactical purposes or given them the chance to make moral choices that would directly affect the world around them. The Director’s Cut bulges with new voice acting, new graphical upgrades, and gameplay modifications the full list is posted below in more details Inxile Entertainment have definitely outdone themselves with this game it has the same feel as the original cult classic and the game-play of fall out of which the original of this game give creation to.

So here is what’s new in more detail

  • Complete graphics overhaul. Upgraded to the newest version of the Unity 5 game engine, featuring totally redone environment art and character models, and physically-based rendering for more natural light
  • Quirks. This new set of personality traits and characteristics for your squad have both positive and negative qualities, giving you gameplay modifiers for a more unique experience and more replayability.
  • Perks. New bonuses for you to pick for your Ranger squad as they level up. Perks provide benefits depending on your characters’ skills, and can offer new abilities, better combat effectiveness, or mastery in challenges.
  • Precision Strikes. This combat technique allows you to you target enemy body parts to inflict debilitating effects and injuries. Shoot an enemy in the leg to knock them over, fire on their arm to blow their weapon to bits, tear up their armor to leave them defenseless, or aim for the head to inflict critical damage.
  • Expanded voice over. The Wasteland is full of unique characters, and with over 8,000 new recorded lines of voiced dialog, the Director’s Cut is more immersive and engaging than ever.



Inxile Entertainment have given this game a complete overhaul allowing customization of over 80 hours of game-play making you the player accountable for each and every decision that you make during the game. The game itself is a turn and party based RPG which requires you to be able to use any and all of your tactical combat skills. Characters of the game are controlled from a semi over head perspective which can be zoomed out in order to see more of the battle field or less if required, each one of the four main characters of the game are very highly customizable and you as a player get to chose their skills, statistics and even their appearance and personality. There is also room as you progress through the game for a additional 3 players of which you can again completely customize and decide on each ones agenda throughout the game.

The game starts giving you a brief video showing you how they came to be where they are it then starts game-play at the funeral of Ace the original desert ranger from the first game from there you must then navigate the vast maps and world battling creatures formed by the nuclear radiation this is done on a turn by turn basis as you are limited by the number of attacks and moves that each player in your team can make.

Throughout the battles you can change weapons and characters and decide if you want them to move, attack or both until either the enemy or you have died. The game itself as a good story line and lots of side missions each one changing depending on what decisions you make and which path you chose to take along the road each decision has a different outcome making this game enjoyable and gives you the ability to play it over again and again choosing different paths each time.

Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut gives you more options than ever to come out on top . Destroy an enemy’s cover or use your heavy machine gun to pin them down while your other troops cover your flank. There is also a ambush feature which avoids straight on conflict and waits for the enemy to come to you walking straight into the line of fire. You can crouch down to stabilize your aim reducing your mobility but increasing your accuracy.

Your squad’s unique Perks will also offer new abilities as you advance through the game. By customizing your squad’s weapon training and equipment, as well as nearly 90 Perk upgrades, you’ll be able to create a capable team of Desert Rangers able to take on any threat and situation.

This game was great to play and will be continually played until i have exhausted all possible outcomes and scenarios highly recommended game for those who enjoy a strategic and complex RPG’s

Have a look at the Launch Trailer.

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