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Elite Dangerous was part of the game preview program, if you are or were a member of the preview program you would have been able to try it for free for a short amount of time, With its full release now here, we have taken the opportunity to revisit the game and review it to the its full potential, after the preview and unfinished status removed.


Frontier are the people behind the game, and have achieved amazing graphics and textures with in Elite Dangerous. The sounds of the space ships and weaponry are amazing too, they have done a really great job on making the feel of space completely realistic.

When you start playing I would recommend going through the tutorials as its not as easy as they make it look in the launch trailer to fly your spaceship. Once you get to grips with it is great, I think for beginner it can have the feel of over complicated controls. You can begin exploring the open world of space trade to get upgrades on your spaceship or dive straight into the action, lock N load and get right into the dog fighting online multiplayer.

Elite Dangerous can be unpredictable and inconsistent as things don’t happen when you want them too, to have a dog fight with another player, you could be roaming space for a few minutes or hours before you come across anyone to battle with. This can also been looked upon as this game is huge! Space exploration is very much evident!


Elite Dangerous gives the player the chance to be a lone pilot with the diverse choice of 3 careers to choose from, smuggler, pirate or trade magnet, which ever you chose can determine how you play. Once you get settled in to the procedures of the game, you will find yourself repeating many trade routes as you get used to the items space stations need or want to trade with you, so it becomes a regular thing when you play Elite Dangerous. The payouts for trading aren’t always great but they help towards your future upgrades.

No matter how many times I have explored space, I hate to say it but it can be boring as mentioned above you could be exploring the open world space for many hours and come across so little, I have very rarely ventured very far from the space stations because the fuel usage on the spaceship can be against you unless you get the upgrades to increase this. That’s the one thing that can hold you back is your fuel load, your constantly looking at it to make sure your not running empty.

Jobs can be few and far between too, as they can be inconsistent as well as you can be playing and get some rewarding jobs and other times you could hardly get any jobs at all. which I feel is a little bit of a let down, so this limits your ability to upgrade your ship or trade.


To pass the long journey of possible boredom you can always venture off to look for unidentified signals that could be random encounters or just contraband floating in space for you to grab. As well as the contraband it could be other players trying to escape law enforcement, the added bonus to this is you can join in the fight and get a share of the bounty credits to help with upgrades. Some of the bounty’s can be very rewarding as if the law enforcement as fighting a pirate the bounty on that player could be quite high and the credit pay can 2 may be 3 times the amount you get from simple trade runs. Elite Dangerous is at time harsh, you can get punished quite easily, you only have to shoot a fellow online player by mistake (you know because I was checking my weapons systems) and you could end up with a bounty on you straight away!

With it being an online open world space adventure, you have to be wary all the time, you could be coming back with some good cargo to trade or use, then get shot at from another player wanting to steal your cargo to use or sell for themselves. Dog eat dog world at its best!

For me I’m not one for long hours sitting watching a screen of stars go by, but once you get in to some dog fights and bounty chasing it can be very rewarding.

If it offered more mission, side missions or jobs where you can just go between stations to collect certain items then I would probably enjoy it more than what I have so far. It is a great game but maybe the sheer scale of the open space world brings it down a few notches on the the warp factor. As you will be playing for many hours before you get upgrades for your ship to get it to the high levels of defence and attack. So to start with your just a space delivery man who’s career changes as upgrade your spaceship. But you can become more confident and aggressive when it comes down to the dog eat dog situations, or just for raw speed in getting the trade mission completed.

Elite Dangerous is on the Xbox Store priced at £29.99

Here is the link to the preview review done by another member of Xbox one uk

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