Destiny: Weekly Update 15/10/15 – Round 2 With Oryx

Here we are again with another update from Bungie regarding the near-future plans for Destiny. The headlines are as follows: Trials of Osiris is being delayed, but the King’s Fall Hard Mode raid has a solid release date.

First, the good news. Mark your calendars for Friday October 23rd, as that’s when you’ll be able to play the hard version of King’s Fall. The recommended light level is 300-320, any loot gained will be between 310 and 320 and more details about the changes to the raid will be revealed over the course of the coming week. Guess I have some grinding to do in the meantime!

As for the Trials of Osiris delay, this is in relation to a glitch that’s been doing the rounds in competitive matchmaking. Without giving away the glitch itself, for obvious reasons, it involves the new Nightstalker sub-class for the Hunter being able to use an infinite supply of supers.

Naturally, this leaves the PvP landscape a broken mess of bow and arrow wielding Guardians, so Trials of Osiris has been suspended until Bungie can patch out this problem. Once sorted, Brother Vance will return.

You can read the full update right here. Make sure to connect with our Facebook and Twitter pages for all your Xbox One news!

Ashley Bates

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