Run! The Witcher 3’s Taxman Is Coming

Have you been keeping up with your treasury and paid all the right taxes? Or were you one of the people using that fine money exploit involving killing cows in the White Orchard? If you were one of those I suggest you start running. With the expansion Hearts of Stone released earlier this week, CD Projekt Red decided to have some fun and added the hideous and terrible creature called the Taxman. His name is Walthemor Mitty and he will find you and he will fine you.


Getting face to face with this truly terrible thing he points out your “undeclared income” (in the form of all those poor little cows you killed a while back) and how they’ve recieved numerours reports at the tax office about how you’ve come into a great wealth and how it has raised suspicions. Here’s what he will say:

  1. “Have you ever at any time engaged in the wholesale trade of rawhide in the White Orchard area?”
  2. “During the current fiscal year, have you engaged in the acquisition of bivalves with the express intention of selling pearls therein?”
  3. “Have you ever unlawfully acquired another man’s movable goods, chattels? Meaning, have you ever waltzed into someone’s home and taken something without their permission?”

Remember, you can’t avoid this, when he finds you, you will have to answer the questions. Answering in the negative on everything will earn you a nice diploma saying how good of a citizen you are to pay all your right taxes. However, answering yes to everything and admitting you’ve done it will earn you a fine of around 1000 gold/crown.


So, have you been truthful in all your dealings? Are you enjoying the game with the new expansion? Leave a comment down below.

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