Batman: Arkham Knight patch live, allows Challenge character selection

Patch 1.09 is out now for Batman: Arkham Knight, bringing with it numerous changes including the ability to choose the character you wish to play as when facing the Combat AR Challenges.

There are up to seven characters to choose from depending on the DLC you’ve purchased: Robin, Catwoman, Nightwing and Azrael are available to all, whereas Red Hood, Harley Quinn and Batgirl are accessible only if you have their respective DLC’s installed. To select your preferred character enter the AR Challenge menu, highlight the Challenge you’d like to play and then press left or right on the d-pad – the leaderboard section of the screen will be replaced by character portraits.large

Rocksteady detailed the differences with the new characters:

“The new characters have all of their abilities from the main game or their respective Arkham Episodes. Some players will probably find that completing the more advanced challenges as other characters is a little more difficult than playing as Batman. That’s intentional: Batman is a legendary hand-to-hand fighter, and a great deal more powerful than his allies, but you’ll find that the other characters’ abilities and animations reflect their respective skills as well.”

Leaderboard fanatics take note, however: there are no new dedicated rankings for the new characters. “Alternate characters also do not have dedicated leaderboards. The competitive balancing of each map was done with a particular character in mind, and it wouldn’t have been possible for us to add support for well over 100 additional leaderboards.”

There are 3 new stars to be earned on each map with each character, though, so you can still increase your “Gotham’s Greatest” ranking.

The patch notes also include further revisions:

  • New feature: Hard mode for AR combat and Batmobile combat challenges when New Story + is finished.
  • Removed AR walls where possible to improve immersion.
  • Fixed and reset the leaderboards for the Newton’s Cradle AR challenge – replay to resubmit your previous high score.
  • Support for October additional content.

The reduced AR walls is demonstrated in a tweet from Sefton Hill, Arkham Knight‘s game director.

Finally, Rocksteady promise a future update will allow character selection for the Invisible Predator AR

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