Precise Star Wars Battlefront beta end times, plus Season Pass

The Star Wars Battlefront beta has been available from the 8th, however if you’ve still yet to find time to have a go – or are itching for one last saber swinging spree – you’ve still got a few hours left.

EA’s Twitter account has announced the exact times the beta will close: 8am PST/5pm CST. That’s 4pm BST for Brits.

Meanwhile DICE have announced the game’s season pass. Currently at £39.99 for PC on Origin, EA’s storefront, the Pass’ description reads:1036380_LB_231x326_en_US_^_2015-09-15-10-12-49_f02fe589158081c1f97e21455bf2b3583d7cbe0e

“Get 4 upcoming expansion packs filled with new content that will take you to new locations across a galaxy far, far away. Secure two-week early access to each expansion pack and an exclusive “Shoot First” emote.”

Though a costly season pass, it’s worth remembering the game won’t have microtransactions. It’s currently a case of wait and see whether or not the content of the expansion packs will make the purchase worthwhile for those less die-hard to the Force.

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