Gamer Remorse- When Your Heart Quietly Breaks

As Gamers one of the best feelings we get is when we buy a new game, tear off the shiny packaging, put it in and watch the title screens unfold before us as we imagine the hours of adventure and excitement that await us. These feelings are only intensified when we have been waiting for the game for a while, whether it’s that triple A annual release or a small indie game that you’ve  had your eye on for a while.

Every once in a while however these feelings are left wanting. We get home with our disks or hear the magical ping of a download finishing and load up the game with all the above mentioned feelings of excitement only to be left with a slightly empty feeling of disappointment. The game doesn’t look or feel how we wanted it too and our enthusiasm to play is tempered by this disappointment. More often than not the game will end up been left on a shelf to gather dust with a vague promise of going back to it one day, even when we know that this really isn’t ever going to happen.aliencolonialmarine

We all have at least one game that has left us feeling like this. When I came to start writing this article one game came to mind straight away and I’m sure you’re all thinking of one right now. For me this game was Aliens: Colonial Marines, I had looked forward to this game for a long time. Been a massive fan of anything to do with the Alien franchise this looked like it was going to be a fantastic addition. It wasn’t. The trailers had looked fantastic and the gameplay had looked intense and terrifying. It was none of these things. When it first loaded up and the slightly shaky graphics appeared I wondered if I had been watching trailers for a different game it looked so different. My heart broke slightly.

With this feeling of disappointment also comes regret. Video games aren’t cheap, we spend a lot of money on our hobby and when a fifty pound game fails to meet any of our expectations the regret is amplified. What else could we have done with that money, what other games could we have bought? An advert will come on TV and we’ll find ourselves starting to think if only we hadn’t bought that game we could have had this instead. How much fun could we have been having then. We would have been playing that game instead of watching

A relative new facility that can bring about this feeling of gamer remorse is the fantastic Games with Gold scheme. I am sure many of us have bought a game and then a month or so later it becomes free to download. How frustrating is this? You could have had that game and that other one that you were looking at, you wouldn’t have had to make such a hard decision if only you’d known.

Gamer remorse is a curse that we will unfortunately forever have to endure. Not all games can live up to our expectations and some will just fail to hit the mark even if for no discernible reason. These occurences will always hurt us but in a strange way is also a little necessery. With these little disappointments the great feelings we get when we really enjoy a game are enhanced and our regrets and heartbreaks are forgotten.

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